Sabado, Setyembre 15, 2012

White Rock not for your underarm (Part 4)

Our next destination was the Kapurpurawan (tongue twister) Rock Formation. From the root word puraw which means white, the place was breathtaking. To enjoy the view and feel the whiteness of the area, one must pass through a canopy of shrubs, walk the zigzag road and tadaaaahhhhh - the white rock and definitely not for your underarm. The Panday 3 cast recently shot there so there were remnants of the props. One must go there to have the feel of the place. Its indescribable. Enjoy the pictures (copyright applied)

on the way there

from afar

a taste of white rock

the road to the white rock

the forbidden area. we are no longer allowed to go there since its getting smaller

hindi halata na mainit

sabi ni kuya louie (ang aming aktibong guide) ang mga naiwan ay props ng Panday 3


skull series

nice view

view on the right

nice view

si batoytoy o!

emotero !

superman! constipated look


pagbilang ng tatlo nakatago na kayo

jack en poy?

whitish white



gutom na

more view



unleashing the buddha





the white rock

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