Lunes, Hulyo 7, 2014

SAGING REPABLIK (You don't need to be a monkey to dine)

Word is Saging Repablik is the new place to dine. When it opened last week, my facebook  timeline was full of pictures that I got curious about the place. I only saw a few images about the menu and I got more interested with the interior.

Yesterday I went there together with my buddy Myk and checked out the area (parang foreman lang.)
Located at the old Sunburst right in front of Kangaroo Coffee shop. (location below)

Saging Repablik stands proud like an edifice unbreakable despite its intentional lack of finishing paint and lights encased in geometrically designed metals. It felt like a fusion of Blu Gre's Butingtings and an upscale Kasagingan. The two floor area could accomodate plenty of customers (cant tell the exact number) with chairs and tables in different heights and design. I am not fond of the waiters uniform which was all black, it adds up to the monochromatic feel of the building. Dim the lights and it could pass as a bar.

View outside 

If they don't improve the quality of their bananas, I suggest do not create your own

Gigingka overload - Banana Cakes

the waitstaff were nice and accommodating

stairway to second floor

pasalubong area: designs are reminiscent of team manila