Linggo, Hulyo 31, 2011

Video-Videohan Bad Day

Our own version of Daniel Powter's Bad Day. Presented during our final day of Medical Internship. Driving back to the memory lane.

Sabado, Hulyo 30, 2011

C.R muna ako

"C.R muna ako", the familiar statement when one is bored, almost bored or in the verge of being thrown into the abyss of boredom, when being caught by a bunch of serial killers, who inject boredom serum straight into one’s nose. Going to comfort rooms is just one good way of killing the time while experiencing the arthritis of boredom. 

Aside from boredom, one can invoke the cr-muna-ako line if, let us say, your crush is coming or will be joining the group few minutes later. This is especially true for most women or for some men too. Oh Yeah, men are also entitled to such free ticket trip to restrooms and make some body metamorphosis (Red one! Green Two! Blue Three! Yellow Four! Pink Five! Bioman!).

Another reason why one starts to get a little help from our hospitable four-cornered shabby restroom, is to conceal drunkenness (someone is already target-locked!). 

True enough, if one is starting to speak in tongues, beginning to see "dead people" and talk to them, dance with some walking hormones and harangue about the emotional break up with his girlfriend, or analyze the economic depression of 1997, or rant about why the 7-tonner rice costs 35 pesos/kilo. If these symptoms persist, call the janitor. 

One would rush to the restroom of the partyphile, not to rest, but to put up a fight against his poor friend turned defenseless enemy- Sgt. Lavatory, and declare World War Three. 

After the gruesome war, the restroom will become a 21st century blitzkrieg, and the loser will eventually be reputed as the laughingstock of the assembly of the wasted. 

Oh well, whatever may be the reason of everyone, at the end of the day, it is really great to appreciate life, to celebrate it and to seize any given moment. Carpe Diem!  

Spelling Bee

Growing up, I have witnessed the yearly spelling bee competition at ESPN wherein kids, who looks like your typical nephews and nieces but has an IQ more than their brain can handle, battle for the title of Spelling Bee Champion. I twitch and move around my seat as each competitor go in front of the microphone and wait for their word to be given.  I didn’t know that spelling bee contests are nerve wracking and entails a lot of questioning before the contestant spells. What is the word of origin? Any alternate pronunciations? Can you use it in a sentence? My heart beats faster as they try to maintain their composure. They either jump with glee when they get it or drown in sorrow surrounded by the hug of their parents when they lose.
During my time, at their age, I wasn’t keen about spelling. In fact, I was not a fan of reading in the beginning. Instead of memorizing words, knowing their meaning and spelling them out, I was playing shatong, tumba lata, tago-anay, bearus, tumba manila, piko tae, Chinese garter (yes, Chinese garter because of my long limbs, we practically win when I do the cartwheel) and go swimming in the river, canal or even fish ponds with tadpoles. My childhood was indeed fun spending time with Ultraman, Magmaman, Bugs and Daffy, Superbook friends and Flying House. So I wonder if these kids are having their normal childhood when all they think are words and letters. It would be helpful to place them in Plants vs. Zombies world where the Zombies will go: “letraaaa, leeetraaaa, letraaaaaaaaaaaaaa….”
Fast forward, and after years of schooling, I had my words and spelling intact. However, there are some who were left behind. Take for example below.

i need an auto to pass

Arts Gratia Artis

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to deliver them some zombies.