Lunes, Hulyo 7, 2014

SAGING REPABLIK (You don't need to be a monkey to dine)

Word is Saging Repablik is the new place to dine. When it opened last week, my facebook  timeline was full of pictures that I got curious about the place. I only saw a few images about the menu and I got more interested with the interior.

Yesterday I went there together with my buddy Myk and checked out the area (parang foreman lang.)
Located at the old Sunburst right in front of Kangaroo Coffee shop. (location below)

Saging Repablik stands proud like an edifice unbreakable despite its intentional lack of finishing paint and lights encased in geometrically designed metals. It felt like a fusion of Blu Gre's Butingtings and an upscale Kasagingan. The two floor area could accomodate plenty of customers (cant tell the exact number) with chairs and tables in different heights and design. I am not fond of the waiters uniform which was all black, it adds up to the monochromatic feel of the building. Dim the lights and it could pass as a bar.

View outside 

If they don't improve the quality of their bananas, I suggest do not create your own

Gigingka overload - Banana Cakes

the waitstaff were nice and accommodating

stairway to second floor

pasalubong area: designs are reminiscent of team manila

Sabado, Hunyo 28, 2014


I woke up in the middle of the night wondering why I didnt turn my lights off. I wasnt afraid of the dark. I just dosed off the minute I went to bed not even the energy to go to the comfort room and wash. Silence. Everybody is asleep except for my two cats whos pupils continue to adjust as they follow my every move. I opened the door adjacent to the comfort room. Hmm. My sister slept at the other house again. And I am stuck with my niece. Weird, her lights are off. Too early to go to sleep when I am used to hear her talk to her boyfriend even at 4 or 5 am. I proceeded to the john to wash my face and brush my teeth. I went down stairs only to see pitch black. I slowly make my way to the switch and the lights turned on. My two cats followed me. The brown one is becoming bored and decided to jump on the couch and settle himself. Seconds lapsed and there he was sleeping. The black however settled in the corner still watching me. I took my vitamins and drank some water. I looked around to check the stove, the door locks and the water faucet. It has been leaking these past few days. Tight. I called the brown cat to come with me however was nonchalant with the notion. The black one jumped right away and up to the stairs. I went back to my room, prop my bed and turned off the light. I slid under the sheets and said my prayer. I turned to the side only to shout in horror when two glowing eyes were staring at me. I threw my pillow at it and it moved away. With my cellphone at the table, I grab for it and turned the flashlight on only to find out it was my cat. I opened my door and let him leave my room. I went back to bed and fell asleep not knowing there were glowing eyes staring at me all along in the mirror. 

Huwebes, Mayo 15, 2014

Ultraman without him! (what happened Godzilla?)

My buddy Myk and I are fond of movies that we are starting to make it a hobby and that includes saving a portion of our budget for this expensive venture. (150/ticket + food) 

The night prior was rather quiet as we watched the last full show of Oculus, a scary movie about an ancient glass mirror who has the habit of infesting whoever owns it eventually making them mentally sick and killing them. I was complaining about the lack of audience moreover mall goers the past few days. I forgot its summer. So they must have gone home to the boondocks and helped their families, toiling the land, feeding fishes and planting rice. Where were we? Yes, summer.

So it came a surprise yesterday when swarm of people were waiting in line to see the premier night of Godzilla (pronounced as Gadzila - three syllables in the fastest way you can). Its nice to see some people finally, familiar faces and even gym goers whose mere presence speaks of awkwardness. You don't know whether you'll smile or pretend that he does not go to the same gym same as yours.

Miyerkules, Mayo 7, 2014


i hear the janitors outside
and the hum of the refrigerator
the clicking of the keyboard as i type this
i am alone
and under the well lit room.
i travel my mind to yesterday
and thought of today
and what will happen tomorrow
i am happy
and now sad
and hopefully strong.
i live by words and stories
of laughters and heartaches
of sorrow and merriment
and when it happened to me
it felt the world was on my shoulder.
how to move on?
from the heartache
from the one that gave you life
only to be left lifeless 
and confused.
i hear the janitors outside
and the hum of the refrigerator
the clicking of the keyboard as i type this
and although my heart is heavy
and feels hard to breathe
i have to move on
one step at a time
one day at a time.
how will i move on?
until there are no more tears left
until i learn how to breathe
until i put a smile on my face
until i am ready to show myself to the world


Revised Rotating Power Interruption Schedule (Davao Light as of May 7, 2014)

The following information was taken from the Davao Light and Power Company Website as of May 7, 2014 at 2:41PM.

The National Power Corporation (NPC) through the National Grid Corporation of the Phils. (NGCP) has further reduced the power supply allocation of Davao Light from 120 MW as of last week to 102 MW starting today, May 7. This is way lower than the Davao Light's contracted supply with NPC of 280 MW.

This reduction forced Davao Light to increase the length of its scheduled rotating brownouts from 6 hours to 7.5 hours (5 hours during peak hours and 2.5 hours during off peak) effective today. (Please refer to the table below)

Below is the revised rotating power interruption schedule for the period of May 8 to 14.

However,Davao Light would like to inform customers that the actual switch off and switch on time may vary from the announced schedules and may exceed from the stated duration depending on the actual load curtailment levels imposed by NGCP on Davao Light,which changes every hour.


Howto know your schedule

  1. Areas within Davao Light's franchise are grouped into three (3) – A, B, and C
  2. Rotating power interruptions are scheduled as followed:

      • Early Morning - 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM
      • Early Morning – 4:00 AM to 8:00 AM
      • Morning - 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN
      • Afternoon - 12:00 NN to 4:00 PM
      • Evening - 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
      • Evening - 8:00 PM to 12:00 MN

    * Power interruptions will start anytime within the above stated time-frame. The duration of the interruptions will be as stated in the above table.

    For example:

    Ifyour schedule for this afternoon falls on the 12:00 NN to 4:00 PM,then, the START of your interruption may be implemented anytime within the given timeframe. Hence, if it starts at 2:00 PM, your interruption will end at 7:00 PM for a 5-hour rotating power outage.

  3. Customers will have the same rotating outage schedule for two (2) consecutive weeks.
  4. Each group will rotate in all brownout schedules indicated above within a week.
  5. The duration of the rotating power outages will be for a maximum of 5 hours for the 8AM to 8PM schedule and for a maximum of two hours and 30 minutes only beyond this schedule, which is from 8PM to 8AM of the following day. However, the duration of the power outage may exceed depending on the availability of power supply at a given time in a given day.

  6. Howto know your group
    1. Please find your area to know which feeder and group you belong through this link.

      *Please note that due to the emergency shutdown of Davao Light's Pampanga substation last Friday, May 2, the following feeders have been transferred to nearby substations.

      Feeders                           from                     to                       Remarks
      Pampanga Feeder 1         Group B               Group B               loaded to R. Castillo Feeder 4
      Pampanga Feeder 2         Group C               Group B               loaded to Panacan Feeder 1
      Pampanga Feeder 3         Group A               Group B               loaded to R. Castillo Feeder 4 
      Pampanga Feeder 4         Group B               Group C               loaded to R. Castillo Feeder 6
      R. Castillo Feeder 3          Group A              Group A               loaded to Sta. Ana Feeder 1
      R. Castillo Feeder 5          Group C              Group A               loaded to Sta. Ana Feeder 1

    2. For easy searching, press ctrl+f and type your location or any landmark nearest to you.
    3. If your area is not stated in the coverage, kindly email your Davao Light account IDat or contact us at 229-3572 (DLPC).
    We have listed the feeders by group in alphabetical format.

    Sabado, Mayo 3, 2014


    So here I am, bruised. Slowly swallowing the fact that I was cheated on. They say: "love conquers all." But whoever said that needs to be hanged. No matter how deep nor strong your love is, when trust is shattered, it goes sour and lonely, afraid to see the daylight again.

    You rewind all the memories, flashback fridays, throwback thursdays and scrutinize each day as if it was a movie. Play, pause, rewind to know who's fault it was. You blame yourself for everything. Was I too much? too strong? too overbearing? or was still simply lacking? No matter how hard you go on with your day as if nothing happened, still you feel something deep inside. A heavy burden, a crushing sensation on your left chest enough to give you headache and several days of loss of appetite. Sorry seems to be the hardest word but may go easy on the on one hand but no matter how delicately and creatively said, it still means nothing. 

    Miyerkules, Abril 30, 2014


    Below is the schedule of the rotating brownout and the group your current residence belongs to. Have a nice day.


    April 11, 2014 at 3:20pm
    Bajada Feeder 3
    • from Buhangin Flyover up to Mandug
    • Including Ladislawa Vill., San Pedro Vill.,Spring Valley, Pag-Asa Homes, San Isidro-Santol St. (Buhangin),Balite, Panorama Homes, Tigatto, Juliville Subd., DDF Vill., Deca Homes, Callawa, Indangan, Molave Homes, Millenium Homes, Bo. Conception, Acacia, Sand Vill., Sison Subd., Villa Park Subd., Holy Trinity Subd., Pioneer Subd.,
    • Phil. Coconut Banaraw, Brgy. Talandang, Sitio Bunggan, Part of Talandang, Brgy. Lampiano, prk 4 Brgy. Dalagdag, Calinan,Palos Verdes
    Commercial Establishment
    • PLDT, Jollibee, Honda Phils., Do it Yourself Hardware, Earth Grains Inc., Lapanday Foods, Cafe Andesa, Buhangin Memorial Park,Camella North Point
    • Buhangin Central Elem. School, Buhangin National High School, DMMA, Dona Pilar Rodriguez Elem. School, Pablo Lorenzo National High School, Mandug Elem. School, Fatima Elem. School, Callawa Elem. School, Indangan Elem. School, T. Fernandez High School, Acacia Elem. School, Holy Child (Buhangin)
    • St. Mary’s Church
    Government Office/Establishment
    • Buhangin Police Station
    Group A
    Bangkal Feeder 3
    • Bangkal Substation up to Ulas Police station, Lonbisco, Ortega Village, , Ulha Village;
    • Talomo Salakot, Mandaya Village, PLDT Village, Talomo Center Beach
    • Lonbisco

    Group A
    Calinan Feeder 3
    • Calinan proper up to Buda including De Lara Street, Lanzona Subdivision, Hilsha Subdivision; Durian Vilage, Villafuerte Street, Abayon Vill., Dacudao, PHILCOA, Talandang, Upper Lacson, Lower Lacson; Tamugan, Pangyan, part of Biao Joaquin, Talomo Riverside, Saloy, Megcawayan, Gumalang
    • Holy Cross College of Calinan,
    Industrial/Commercial Establishments
    • PLDT Office Calinan, Emcor Calinan, Calinan Public Market,
    Group A
    Ecoland Feeder 2
    • Whole Ma-a Area, DBP Village, Maa Cemetery, Luzviminda Village, Midland Village, Trinidad Village;Spring Village, St Michael Village, Gem Village, Don Julian Village, DinnaVille Village, Sto Nino; Garcia Settlers, Mapvisa Subdivision, Diho Subdivision, JPMI Village, Laz Terrazas Subdivision, Washington Village; NHA Maa, Roldan Village, WoodRidge Subdivision Phase 1&2, Monteritz Subdivision; Shrine from Diversion Road up to Energy FM; Magtuod, Langub; Fuente DeVilla Abrille Subdivision (Juna)
    Government Offices
    • Davao City Jail,City Engineers Motorpool
    • Deeper Life Academy, Maa Christian Learning, Fatima Pre-school Maa,Josefa Llanes Escoda Elem Sch.,South Point School
    Commercial Establishments
    • Crocodile Park, GAP Farm, Dencios hilltop,
    • Sunny Point,
    Church/Religious Landmarks
    • St. Francis de Assisi Church, Maa Alliance Church
    • MA Foundry, Jhaymart,
    Group A
    Ecoland Feeder 3
    • Quimpo Boulevard: front of SM from Petron Gas Station Up to Tulip Drive; Part of Tulip Drive, portion of Juna Subdivision: Marang Street, Kasuy Street, Ecoland Subdivision Phase 1 & 7
    Government Offices
    • NTC, Civil Service Commission
    • Christian Colleges of Southeast Asia Foundation,
    Commercial Establishments
    • SM, Mandaue Foam, Honda Prestige, AMYA
    Church/Religious Landmarks
    • Islamic Mosque
    Group A
    Gaisano Feeder 5
    • From Gaisano Substation up to Guerrero St. cor Magsaysay St.
    • From Octagon Uyanguren up to Magsaysay St. cor Quezon Blvd.
    • Including Pag Asa St.,D. Suazo St., Sales St., part of Bangoy St.
    • and Lizada St.
    Commercial Establishment
    • Commercial buildings in Magsaysay St., Mindanao daily Mirror, AMESCO, DCLA, SKS Bldg., Felcris Magsaysay, Chinatown, Marina Business Center, Asia Glass Palace, NCCC Magsaysay
    • San Pedro College, Sta. Ana Elem. School, Sta. Ana National High School, Rizal Elem. School, Quezon Elem. School, Samson Institute, Gaisano Elem. School
    Government Office/Establishment
    • DPWH, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Department of Foreign Affairs, Bureau of Quarantine, DSWD,
    • Magsaysay Park
    Group A
    Pampanga Feeder 3
    • from Km 9 Sasa near Bangoy Bridge up to PLDT office Sasa including White Dove Street (back of PLDT)
    Industrial/Commercial Establishments
    • Fast Cargo Logistic, TCG Fiber, Insular Oil, Legaspi Oil, Universal Robina corp., 2GO Warehouse
    Group A
    Panabo Feeder 1
    • from Panabo Sports Coliseum up to crossing Licanan including: Dacudao Country Homes, Kristoffer Homes, Lasang
    Government Offices
    • Panabo City Hall
    Industrial/Commercial Establishments
    • Davao Industrial Sales Corp., PAICOP,
    • J.P. Laurel Elem. Sch., A.H. Navarro Elem. Sch.,
    Group A
    Panacan Feeder 4
    • from Panacan DPWH up to TEFASCO:
    • Panacan Public market,Panacan Looban, Sarmiento Village
    • Luzville Subdivision,
    • Redball Express, Vitarich, Ferro Steel Corporation, PJAC, Industrial carbon Technology Corp., ILAIECO, Bacnotan Steel, Tefasco,
    Government Offices
    • DPWH, Camp Panacan (AFPLC),
    Group A
    Ponciano Feeder 1
    • Rizal Street, Crooked Road, Bolton Street, Anda Street, From San Pedro corner Claveria to Kusina Dabaw, from Pichon St. cor. Anda to Magallanes Rotunda, C.M. Recto St. to Battery Kingdom Claveria, Bolton Ext. including Bolton Ice Plant St. and Bolton Riverside
    Government Offices/Parks
    • BIR Office San Pedro, City Hall of Davao, Sangguniang Panglungsod Building, City Engineers Office, Registry of Deeds, BIR Bolton Ext., Camp Leonor PC Barracks, Davao City Museum, Bonifacio Monument, Rizal Park, Osmena Park,
    • Metrobank Rizal, Security Bank Rizal, Philam Bank, PNB San Pedro, DBP C.M. Recto, BPI Family Bank C.M. Recto
    • San Pedro Cathedral
    • CHHDC, Bernardo Clinic, City Health Office Magallanes,
    • Magallanes Central Elem. Sch., Bolton Elem. Sch.,
    Commercial Establishments
    • Rizal Promenade, Iron Horse, CAP Building, Unitop, Lakitan Shopping Mall, Regina Compound, Jollibee Bolton, Lachmi Shopping Center
    • Grand Men Seng Hotel, My Hotel, Las Casitas, Magallanes Residences, Marbella Mansion, Royal House
    Group A
    Ponciano Feeder 2
    • Marco Polo Hotel, From cor R. Magsaysay St. and Ponciano St up to Octagon
    • Uyanguren
    • Including: Jacinto St., Juan Luna St., Padre Gomez St., D. Ponce St., Padre Faura St., Fatima St., Calle Putol,
    Commercial Establishments
    • Marco Polo Hotel, Plaza de Luisa, Madraso FruitStand,
    • Ateneo de Davao College, Holy Child, Our lady of Fatima Academy, Sta. Ana High School,
    Government Office/Establishment
    • Phil. Post Authority, POEA,
    Group A
    Ponciano Feeder 4
    • Quirino Ave from cor. Mabini St. to Bankerohan Bridge, Camus Street, Jose Abad Santos St. including Cosmopolitan Funeral Parlor, Mt. Mayon St.,Mt. Apo St., Gen. Luna St., Bangkerohan Public Market, portion of Fr. Selga St. up to cor. Orchid St. ; from corner Quirino Avenue to corner Anda Magallanes Street, SIR Matina, Sandawa St., some part of Daang Patnubay, some part of Aquino St.(SIR Matina)
    Government Offices
    • DepEd Office Quirino,
    • BDO Quirino, BPI Family Bank (cor. San Pedro/Quirino) Metro Bank (cor. Magallanes/Quirino)
    • Seventh Day Adventist Church(Camus St.)
    • Oroderm Clinic Magallanes, Friendly Clinic
    • Palma Gil Elementary School, MTC Academy, St. Louis Academy, University of Immaculate Conception (UIC) College, SIR Elementary School, UM Matina Campus,
    Commercial Establishments
    • Bangkerohan Public Market, WS(Wisons Shopping Center), Jesusa Complex, Metro Circle, Matina Town Square,
    • Sampaguita Hotel, Tower Inn, Emerald Inn, Elle's Pension House, Oroderm Hotel, Aljems Inn,
    Group A

    R. Castillo Feeder 1

    • From corner Arroyo Street up to Apung Kula Lanang, including Lanang Executive Homes, Lulu Village, Tan Subdv., Asaje Subdv., , Hillside Subdv., Pioneer Drive,
    Government Offices
    • DENR,
    • Carmelite Monastery
    Commercial Establishments
    • Mandaue Foam, Central Warehouse Club Inc., Malayan Insurance, DAMOSA, All Track Motors, Amon Trading, Link to Support, Damosa Gateway, Monark, Toyota Motors, Ford Davao,Lanang Country Club, KarAsia,
    Group A
    R. Castillo Feeder 3
    • Belisario Village, Denia Settlers Association Village, San Nicolas Village, San Francisco Village, Vilgoz Village, DXGO,
    • R.Castillo Flyover including Agdao Public Market, Up to Mercury Drug Store at Carlson's building
    • Brgy. Duterte – Purok Kasadya, NHA Agdao, Tancontian, Barrio Bagumbuhay, San Isidro, Dacudao Avenue,
    • Palm Village, RGA Subdivision, Aquamarine Village, Ipil Beach, NHA-Agdao, Cabaguio Avenue to Leon Garcia St cor. Alvarez St., Sta. Cruz, Ruiz Village,
    Government Offices
    • NSO
    • Holy Cross College of Agdao, MATS, Mindanao Medical Foundation College, Assumption College of Davao along Cabaguio Ave
    • Seaman's Hospital, Medical Mission Hospital, Alterado Hospital,
    Commercial Establishments
    • Phil. Chewing Tobacco, Evergreen Fiber, Chengco Trading, TechnoTrade Resources, Diamond Hardware, Graded Iron Machin Shop, Aquino Coliseum, Agdao Public Market, Mercury Drug Store at Carlson's building, Davao Roof Factory, Emcor Agdao
    • Prince Court Hotel
    Group A 

    Sta. Ana Feeder 1
    • From Sta. Ana Substation up to Gempesaw St. (back of NCCC)
    • Including Lizada St., F. Bangoy St. including part of Dacudao Ave.
    Government Office/Establishment
    • NFA Office, Department of Agriculture, Sta. Ana Wharf
    Commercial Establishment
    • Lots for Less, NCCC Bodega, Davao Diamond Industrial Supply, Pacific Oil Product, Apo Cement
    • BS Inn
    Group A
    Sta. Ana Feeder 2
    • Uyanguren corner Gempesaw Streets up to corner Boulevard, Juan Luna St.
    • whole of Boulevard from Salmonan Fish Market up to LTO office and its neighboring areas; Bucana area (Bolton Isla, Bilusa, Kasilac, Savina, Manggahan, St. John, parts of Nograles Ave. from Brgy 40-D to Duterte Ave. Brgy 76-A)
    Government Office/Establishment
    • LTO,
    • Villa Abrille Elem Sch (formerly Bucana Elem Sch), Erico Nograles National high School
    Group A
    Sto. Tomas Feeder 1
    • from Marsman NAPCO, La Liberrtad, Casigang, SanMiguel, Dujali, Kinamayan
    • Balisong, Salvacion, Esperanza, San Vicente, Magupisong, Mabaos Bubungon, Balagunan
    • Sindatun, Lower Panaga
    Group A

    Sto. Tomas Feeder 3
    • Marsman Plantation
    Group A
    Tadeco Feeder 2
    • DAPECOL, Alejal, Magsayasay, Cabili, Ising Carmen, Tanglao, Dapco Checkered Farms, Diamond Farm,
    Group A 

    Tibungco Feeder 1
    (with Bunawan 1 load, refer to Bunawan 1 area coverage)
    • from Bottle King, Buhisan up to Calderon Village including: Limestone Processing Plant, Sitio Cordova,
    • Renlan Construction, Francisco Gulang Yenco Compound., Damiana Into Village
    • Northern Hill Dev't., Damiana Into Village Avenue,
    • NMYC (TESDA), Buhisan Elementary School,
    • Bottle King, JEWM Agro Industrial Corporation, Freysinet Compound, Davao Wood Compound, A-1 Concrete Poles

    Bunawan Feeder 1 (loaded to Tibungco 1)
    • from Holy Cross of Bunawan up to Petronas including: Daniel Perez Elem. School, PLDT compound
    Group A
    Toril Feeder 2
    • Sirawan, Baracatan, Corvada Lizada, Inawayan, Lower & Upper Binugao, Tibuloy, Bato up to Eden, Catigan
    • Eden, Bayabas, Bato, Marapangi, Catigan
    • Kilate
    • Tagurano, Banas, Part of de Guzman Street, Saypon Village, Dahlia Street,
    • Sampaguita Street, Lipadas, Saavedra Street,
    • Mountain Haven Farm lot, Mountain Hill Subdivision
    • Bangoy Compound
    • Periols Elementary School, St. Peter's College
    Commercial Establishment
    • Loleng's Mountain Resort, Eden Mountain Resort, JS Grand Mall, Starbust Marketing Corporation
    Group A
    Victoria Feeder 2
    • Victoria Plaza

    Bajada Feeder 2
    • From Bajada Power Plant up to Apung Kula, Lanang
    • Including Milagrosa Vill., NCCC Vill., Hilldrive St., Jereza Subdv., Part of Dumanlas and (Purok Anahaw, Jerusalem st, Palm drive, Gladiola St, Pag-asa St) in Buhangin, Sarphil Subdv., Margarita Vill.,Park Avenue, YCF Village, Tancontian, Rivera Village
    Commercial Establishment
    • LBC, Davao City Hardware, dela Rosa Psychiatric Clinic, Deco Machine shop,SOS,Shell Station
    • Roadway Inn, Villa Margarita Inn, Davao Motel, Prince Court
    • Heritage Baptist Church
    Government Office/Establishment
    • SSS Bldg, DOH Compound, DCWD Office, NEDA Office,
    • BPI Bajada,
    • UIC-Bajada, Holy Cross Bajada

    The Amazing Spiderman 2

    I grew up reading Niknok and Katerina in the comforts of my grandmothers sari-sari store when I was still living in the boondocks. So it came to me as a surprise when I went to an exclusive high school that there were more better comic books in the market, action-packed filled glossy pages who's an epitome of graphics speaks louder than words. But I never came to love them so much unlike the guys from Big Bang Theory. I never came them a habit just a liking especially now that the DC/MARVEL franchise are being brought to life.

    Biyernes, Abril 11, 2014


    I am lost. I feel lost. My thoughts are not working. I have been stale for the past three hours. Listening to Boy Bands, reading tweets, scanning my timeline, playing games to keep me busy and hoping that magical line or thought would pop up to give me a headstart on my research but still to no avail. I will be due three days from now, I'll be put in the hot seat once again. It took almost two rigging hours of scrutiny and commentaries, two weeks ago, my initial research draft. I looked as if I know what I was doing but deep inside I fell off the road to where I am supposed to be headed. Worst, I haven't placed myself back on that road. 

    Martes, Marso 25, 2014


    Furious as I woke up this morning still feeling like crap after the recent events. I know, you should not allow other people to mock you or even break your personality but nevertheless there are times that things just sink in and gives you a reality check.

    Last night my friends and I met someone who I was bordering to likeness but then I got tired because of the cat and dog drama, so I stopped the effort because I realized I was feeding someones ego humongously. It so happen that within the cafe someone knew somebody and so we were a bit constrained with our topics at bay considering that we don't want others to know our deepest darkest secrets. All along the conversation I, from time to time was commenting on someones hair even occasionally messing it up for the fun of it and even asking about the story behind the scar suggesting that with the advent of modern technology it might get fairer with the use of laser. My friends, someone and I talked for hours enough to call it quits by midnight like Cinderella on the run . On the way home my friends told me that I was touchy touchy that somebody kept on checking on us. I defended myself that it was for the fun of it with no hidden agenda and was nonchalant about whatever somebody would think knowing that my intentions were pure. However I did not succeed with my rebattle.

    Lunes, Marso 24, 2014


    Today, I went to work late and that was done purposely. I was on my last set of exercises when all of a sudden, my heart raced, my eyes dilated, my hands trembled, and worst I was sweating like a pig. 

    For the past three weeks I have been coming to the gym before the sun rises instead of the late night sessions. Aside from being super tired from work, I do not want to wait for my turn from the sweaty machines of hardcore gym addicts or feeling macho men. I do not understand why some guys would look at the mirror after three sets and check their arms and abs. "Ahmmm, excuse me Sir. It takes time to form some muscles worst  shape your abs. But I have a shortcut if you're interested. I can give you a juice full of Entamoeba to give you several episodes of vomiting and loose bowel movement to the point of severe dehydration. By then, your abs will show and your muscles will appear." But I refuse to blurt out my thoughts in the open afraid they might find me weird. Besides most of the people in the gym are only dreaming, all the wanting of having a perfect body but keep on complaining of the process it entails. 

    Lunes, Pebrero 17, 2014

    The Dong Juan Experience

    We were curious about the restaurant located at the third floor of Abreeza frequently flooded with customers. And you wont miss the warm Chinese man in front of the door, inviting passers by to try his cuisine. I, being a mall rat and a lover of food together with my friend, Myk, tried out their menu one cold night after salivating from book sale at Fully Booked. The excitement have caused us hunger pangs that we were looking for affordable dining. And here are the pictures...

    Kalamansi Blush is a weird concoction. For someone looking for an exotic drink, this can be reconsidered


    the Room inside. A minimalist feel.

    Lemon Iced Tea - tasted pure instead of commercialized

    Green Salad in Vinigrette. The portion is big but I wish the vinigrette was more.

    Miyerkules, Pebrero 5, 2014

    Organic Living

    In the advent of fast food chain wherein globs of fat is already available for your heart and arteries that will definitely shorten your life, My friend Myk and I started to cut off our calories and its high time for me to get serious in my gym sessions. A week ago, Myk came across pictures of food from his facebook friend. Our curiousity led us to a place reminiscent of the Bahay Kubo song. Welcome to Balay Bukid where everything reminds you of your childhood and the place speaks of Filipino ingenuity. The rest of my moments will be told through pictures
    Basket Ceiling

    Dining Area

    Recycled Bottle Walls

    Tetrapack for placemat

    Art for Arts Sake