Martes, Marso 25, 2014


Furious as I woke up this morning still feeling like crap after the recent events. I know, you should not allow other people to mock you or even break your personality but nevertheless there are times that things just sink in and gives you a reality check.

Last night my friends and I met someone who I was bordering to likeness but then I got tired because of the cat and dog drama, so I stopped the effort because I realized I was feeding someones ego humongously. It so happen that within the cafe someone knew somebody and so we were a bit constrained with our topics at bay considering that we don't want others to know our deepest darkest secrets. All along the conversation I, from time to time was commenting on someones hair even occasionally messing it up for the fun of it and even asking about the story behind the scar suggesting that with the advent of modern technology it might get fairer with the use of laser. My friends, someone and I talked for hours enough to call it quits by midnight like Cinderella on the run . On the way home my friends told me that I was touchy touchy that somebody kept on checking on us. I defended myself that it was for the fun of it with no hidden agenda and was nonchalant about whatever somebody would think knowing that my intentions were pure. However I did not succeed with my rebattle.

When does a touch becomes touchy touchy? Does a previous likeliness, bordering to likeness nor a thing for anybody with specificity automatically limits you to the number of touches or even to the type of touch when you meet even if its for the sake of civility? 

In this advent of internet savvy where relationships build over the social cyberia in a split second, the purest of intentions are sometimes being misconstrued. And other times we are so concerned about people thoughts that we forget about who we truly are and conform to what society dictates or in this case afraid of what somebody might think. However at the end of the day, it is your intentions that matter. And its hard to move on sometimes if comments came from people you care about. But then again there are things in life that shape you or believe in that others will never understand. As far as I remembered, my movements were not bordering to promiscuity nor carnal knowledge. I rest my case.

Shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice. Whats the relationship with this song to our conversation . . . nothing, I just wanted to sing it.


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