Biyernes, Abril 11, 2014


I am lost. I feel lost. My thoughts are not working. I have been stale for the past three hours. Listening to Boy Bands, reading tweets, scanning my timeline, playing games to keep me busy and hoping that magical line or thought would pop up to give me a headstart on my research but still to no avail. I will be due three days from now, I'll be put in the hot seat once again. It took almost two rigging hours of scrutiny and commentaries, two weeks ago, my initial research draft. I looked as if I know what I was doing but deep inside I fell off the road to where I am supposed to be headed. Worst, I haven't placed myself back on that road. 

Why do we need research? Let me rephrase that. Why is research a requirement inorder to graduate? Aargh! I went to the store and bought a coffee to fight the urge to sleep. Half a cup drowned and still I am groggy. Happy thoughts. Still not working. Should I run around, do my daily 100 sit ups/push ups? Nah I don't want to break a sweat and have my neurons exhausted. 

What to do? Do you want to learn how to devolutionize mankind? Drink? drink too much enough for you to crawl in a place that you don't practically care how filthy it is or vomit until your innards come out. And yes, you are still very aware about the turn of events, it so happen that its demeaning to accept it that you opt to keep it to your grave or claim that you don't remember anything. I did that last night. I got to meet hangover after what, ten years. I enjoyed the acid taste of my saliva and had fun decoding the food I vomited. Oh, I had that during lunch as I watch them drown in the bowl. Its fun to turn into an animal once in a while. Its fun to feel your limbs go numb, your knees weak and your surroundings spin around. Much better the morning after. Bad Influence. Where was I? Research....but still I am not activating.

What to do?




Oh hello there Sheldon and Leonard.

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