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The Amazing Spiderman 2

I grew up reading Niknok and Katerina in the comforts of my grandmothers sari-sari store when I was still living in the boondocks. So it came to me as a surprise when I went to an exclusive high school that there were more better comic books in the market, action-packed filled glossy pages who's an epitome of graphics speaks louder than words. But I never came to love them so much unlike the guys from Big Bang Theory. I never came them a habit just a liking especially now that the DC/MARVEL franchise are being brought to life.

I never finished watching Spiderman 1. It was a weird transition to see Andrew Garfield don the spandex and look so health challenged which was far off from the buff bod of Tobey Maguire. He was not Superhero material and was sloppy with his acting skills. He deserved to be more in the telenovela rather in the mainstream. So when I heard about the second installment, I was thinking two by two (second thoughts of watching). Thanks to editing, the trailer was quite convincing.

There's no denying that the chemistry onscreen was apparent. Andrew Garfield stepped up in his game and Emma Stone remained a darling. Their character together was effective and transparent that even the slightest kilig was tangible. However, Jamie Foxx role rendered him emotionless and in the shadows of his own character for he was computer generated almost three-fourths of the movie . Dane who played Harry Osborne was talented enough to be a menace. 

A story of love and loss intertwined with visual artistry with Matrix like action sequences enough to give the audience a thrill and aim for their own web slings as they trapeze their way around New York City Fortress fighting weevil. It was fun to watch. 

Oh and as usual since its a Marvel Movie wait for the credits to end. 

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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