Miyerkules, Nobyembre 20, 2013

Darcy and other stories

Darcy, not in Bridget Jones, is one of the new places in town. DARCY Coffee.Tea.Panda is located at Door 4 Lucita Building at Corner Lapu-lapu and Sobrecary St. just a block after Ginos Burger. This was recommended by my niece because of the ambiance and food.

For starters, we did not have a friendly beginning. Three weeks ago we decided to have our dinner in the area, telling my parents and my niece to go ahead since I was still strolling around the mall. After 45 minutes, my friends and I arrived in the area with my parents furios and my sister already complaining. Almost an hour had passed and still our food has not been served and to think they were only us and another set of customer at the other table. Because our hunger pangs were killing us, we decided to ask permission to our mall purchased mangga and bagoong.

The place is indeed was full of pandas. It ever got me thinking if the owner was a member of World Health Organization and has a strong advocacy for Panda protection.

Whats your order?

Happy Area

You can wear the Panda head rest

A room with a view

Sabado, Nobyembre 9, 2013

French in the City (Au Francais)

Social media has greatly influenced humanity in our global community. We have the netizens who painstakingly observe the events transpiring over the world wide web. Take for example being tagged by your facebook friends of their whereabouts, recent activities and my favorite, food. 

I made a commitment to seriously count my calorie intake and get with my fitness. However there are times that my commitment is broken take for example last night when my good friend, Jayson Joyce tagged me of an exotic sounding entree only upon perusal that it was from a newly opened French restaurant. 

And so together with my best bud, Michael, our curiosity led us to this quiet and cozy place called Au Francais (pronounced as Oh-Fron-say, which I had trouble saying) located at F. Torres street, cor. Pardo Tavera st, just after Phoenix Gas Station. Dress inappropriately in shorts, we were greeted by the welcoming owners, Bonjour! which took me some time to process and replied: “hello”. Due to the ongoing typhoon, there were only two customers around. We were directed to our dining area and seated comfortably. The place was filled with French posters and to add up to the ambiance, foreign songs are aired which brought back old movie memories, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant and so much more. Because of our supposedly commitment to fitness, we only ordered a few entrĂ©e and a salad. And since the Europeans enjoy alcohol, we tried a serving of their Mojito – minty and with a hint of alcohol.

Classic Mojito

Our food started with food compliments – Liver Spread which gave me a morbid recollection of my medical school days and from watching Hannibal. 

Get some liver into it

Then came our salad, Tomato and Avocado which surprisingly the vegetable bits came in crunchy and the cucumber tasted well.

The Tomato and Avocado Salad

Sabado, Oktubre 19, 2013

The Ugly Duckling

I was born different. When my sisters skin was white as now, mine was the color of soil granting the title: "Anak ng Lupa." Even though the world awaited for my arrival, I came short of expectations. My mother was in labor for several hours bearing all the pain while my father was outside the delivery room, disturbed yet excited. They showered me with all the love even waking up in the wee hours of morning just to check if I have acquired any insect bites.

Growing up was quite a challenge. As my sister blossom into a beautiful princess. I remained to be ordinary, lanky with crooked teeth. Jokingly, my sister would tell me I was found at a garbage bin, crying, alone and my parents were kind enough to give me a life. In reply, I told her you were found on the river bed! Sibling rivalry at its finest. Few years later, my mother bore another child, unexpected, as our age difference was a decade. But it brought me pure joy to have him. The teenage years have been a struggle, as my friends and classmates were changing for the better, I remained platonic, with even darker skin due to swimming and my tooth enough to open a soda bottle. Worst, when I was mistaken as a cousin while my younger brother and I were walking around the mall. It was hard to go to school, it was difficult to go on relationships and even harder to build friendships without being insecure. Self-esteem was plummeting and I have to go on living despite the hardships. I was contented of being a wallpaper slowly fading away in the background. I was judged by my appearance, by the clothes I wear, by the choices I make, by the life I had. Even my bestfriend was rude enough to leave me out in the open instead of supporting me. To each his own. And so, it doesn't come as a surprise when news of school shooting or teen suicide surfaces. I almost reached to that point but my gut was telling me otherwise. My parents never left me even my sister was there to support but at this age you try to sort out things within yourself. You try to tell the world that I can surpass these challenges while slowly being destroyed inside. You remember the faces of those who mock you at night, you try hard to find solutions for people to accept you as who you are and worst, there are times you rather stay in bed than pretend to be alive in a living world. You try accept things as they are, pretend to be unaffected even when it hurts, like a bulletproof blocking all the momentum of sadness in the hopes that one day this will end, the torture, the drama. And yet that day never came but instead gave me the realization that life has more to offer. I decided to focus all my energy to what I was good at, swimming and sciences. I began to take care of myself and subjected myself to years of braces. I realized that you can converse well with braces and it gives you a sudden shift with your status.

I went to college leaving the past behind, hoping to have a better life. My features improved, my teeth straightened like that of a toothpaste ad and life seemed to get better. College life was rather liberating, people was less conscious of their appearance and was banking more on character. I became more productive, more active and popular. I became the subject of rumors, a ladies man, instead of ridicule. So this is how it feels to be the center of attention. It became a daunting task to maintain peoples perception of me. But I have been to that road of uncertainty and I am not willing to go back. And instead of going back to my old self, I remained true to my values and followed my new principles. And life became manageable.

Life is indeed a balance. The people who have mocked me and hurt me for quite some time has spiraled to the worst. Life, has its own weirdness of letting you realize that everything shall pass, that life is a cycle, what is up must come down and vice-versa. Karma has its own way of pacifying people who has injected a lot of negative energy in this world. And I have no plans to reiterate. I must say this journey of mine involved people whose hearts of gold will never be forgotten. Life requires you to stay strong if needed and accept defeat as they come. We learn from our mistakes and we learn from other lives. And whatever turnout you'll have should not be the fault of others for we have the power to choose. Life will never be perfect but we have all the reason to live a life we truly deserve.

Linggo, Oktubre 13, 2013

The Conjurors

The Sampaguita Gardens located in New Washington Kalibo Aklan is home of Precious Moments creator Samuel John Butcher. Never in my life, I have seen hundreds of dolls in various colors and sizes. Luckily, they arent porcelain hence they are pleasing to look at. We arrive at the museum/park/manythingscanbedoneinthearea at night after negotiating with three tricycles with round trip prices ranging from P300 to P600. We are locals not tourists but nature has its own mysterious ways and we were able to get a roundtrip fare of P250. It was worth the ride and worth the visit despite the fact that we werent aware that the owners house can be visited up to 7 pm. And the P50 consumable entrance fee was an added bonus. The Christmas Museum was closed hence we still managed to have fun. (pictures copyright-ask permission pag may time i repost)

Biyernes, Agosto 23, 2013


The thing about having a crush is that it sucks you dry. It takes your time, giving additional breakage to your split ends, adding more lines to your aging skin and can totally make you a klutz due to days of missing. Worse, you stare blankly at the sky with a developing grin making someone doubt your sanity as they accidentally see you in your stupor.

We all undergo this passage when all our hormones are raging and blame our genetic legacy why we were not gifted. It all begins on a one fine morning when the world is on our side and from afar we see a heavenly sight, so pleasing if only our tonsils can shout in glee and our heart beats as fast as the leopard. We smile to ourselves but when the object of our affection is within arms reach we pretend as if no one was there. We abhor their presence especially if unprepared and yearn for their scents or shadows when they are not around. Call it crazy but no matter how confident we are on certain matters, we get tongue tied, we get catatonic when they are present worse our speech transforms like that of an infant. “Hi” then an uncertain smile then leave. For someone out of stratosphere it may be the shortest conversation but for us it will forever envelope our memories, keeping us awake at night. If only we can develop wings turn midnight or teleport ourselves to the closets of our desires or be invisible just to observe them in their day to day lives. What they eat, how they lose their bowels and all those little things. Call it creepy but we reach that certain point that we search a memory or find a memento, take example not washing your shirt after they touch you, thinking at the end of the day at the confines of your room that their hand is still their clutching your shoulder softly or giving you a free massage. Despite all the audio-visual hallucinations, we find comfort in this near psychiatric measures even losing our neuronal circuitry to satiate our temporary madness. 

          We go on in this hysterical state hoping that this deep dark secret of ours will never be unveiled until the moment that people starts to stare at you and talk behind your back. Really? A crush on that person? The nerve! And then we get paranoid. We lose our logic, our confidence withers and our personality vanishes.    

          We would rather hide under the sheets than have a breath of fresh air. We would slowly wilt away like a plant placed under the heat of the sun until our moisture dries up. Our crush can bring us hope or dampen our spirits. But the fact remains that they can change our life perspective. And then we try to do all things to forget them, to stop them from recurring in our thoughts, controlling our brain. We try hardest until our reserves are used, until the moment that we want the ground to swallow us up and the world to end. But reality bites and we try to live one day at a time, hoping that we survive in one piece. Our spirits broken and our flesh destroyed but we slowly pick up the pieces and retrieve our sanity. Seconds seem like days and days seem like years. We blame ourselves with endless questions in mind. We cry until our tear ducts scream, we doubt ourselves and curse our existence until our bodies get numbed and accustomed to all the drama. We are alive but we don’t live at all. But we fight, we fight for we know that we should take control, we try to build what is left until we wake up one morning and the feeling is gone. Like atlas had lifted the world on our shoulders. We then live the life we should have lived. And we recover ourselves and the people we had lost in the process. We stand up because we know we will survive. And life continues until that one fine morning when another heavenly sight will appear again but we already know what to do yet sometimes, most of that sometimes, we subject ourselves back in the same old process again.

 Familiar music below to enjoy your read. Credits to the respective artist.

Sabado, Hulyo 6, 2013

SPMC Family Medicine Fund Raising

The Department of Family and Community Medicine of Southern Philippines Medical Center had a fund raising project last July 3, 2013 by having a movie screening of the second installment of Despicable Me. With sold out tickets, the moviegoers attended the activity at SM Lanang Premier tagging the whole family. A small program was held prior to the show with Dr. Evelyn Lao, the department chair, giving the opening remarks. Raffle prizes were drawn giving out gift certificates, USB, Skin Care Lines and Android phones. Special thanks to all our sponsors (video inset - supposed to be played during the show but there were technical issues with SM video system), the activity will not be possible without your support. Kudos to all the residents especially to the chairman of the event, Dr. Amor Guinmapang. Until, the next fund raising projects. Proceeds will go the Asthma Club, Geriatrics Club and the Hospice and Palliative Care.

The kids and kids at heart

the organizers, murag college lang

Residents and Consultants, side view din pag may time

tapos na rin!!!!

Huwebes, Hunyo 13, 2013

Why You Should Watch Man of Steel

5 Reasons why you should watch MAN OF STEEL (Superman)
5. Henry Cavill. ( a resemblance of Christopher Reeve, he's charming, emo king, best dressed Superman suit. I have got to ask his diet scheme.)
4. Stellar Casting. (Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Russell Crowe, Christopher Meloni, Amy Adams to name a few) it made the movie interesting to watch. A performance worthy of applause.
3. Computer Generated Imagery - I can't help but say Wow, Amazing during the entire show. It was a visual feast. Feast is an understatement.
2. Story Line. Well-established characters. The story was weaved creatively enough to bring the audience in an understanding the pre and post heroic sequence of Superman. And this is not just your ordinary Superhero movie, it had a heart.
1. Best Superman installment PERIOD
A warning to exercise your eyeballs prior, for the fighting sequences are long, enough to give you vertigo. Growing up and watching Superman movies, this sets the beginning of his story while the previous serves as a continuation of his life. 4 flavored popcorns.

Sabado, Mayo 4, 2013


                        “I think of you as my friend, buddy . . . I couldn’t think of anything else … My heart has been taken somewhere already”. My world collapsed.
                        Finally after two years of vague status, I was able to ask the love of my life, thru text – devoid of facial expression and emotion, what I am to her. If there’s any chance of going beyond . . . . more than friends.
                        She was my blood, my air, my sun. There’s never a day that I cannot think of her. I was struck with Cupid’s arrow and no matter how many times we fought, my love for her never fade, instead it grew. We were, in the eyes of the general public, MU. In colloquial language, mag-un. My friends, in the beginning, already told me to settle the record straight. But I was too afraid to ask, I was torpe.  I never had the courage because I was hoping she was feeling the same way. I was wrong.
                         Last night, while watching television, a sudden force came into me. I ask the most dreaded question that I was avoiding for years. And I got what I wanted. Reality slapped me in the face and I was stoic. It made me weary. I wanted to cry but there were no tears. My heart was crushed. I am so stupid and it’s my entire fault. It is true then that Honesty is such a lonely word. While I was lying in bed, I couldn’t help but wonder – after all those caring thoughts, kilig text replies, unforgettable moments we’ve shared and the countless I love you – all that was for friendship? Huh? What are the boundaries? How will you know that you have crossed the demarcation line? The moment I close my eyes, tears fell.
                        I woke up today with the realization that some of my friends and my only elder sister would definitely laugh at me if I break the news. For not listening to their views and for being persistent. Now that everything is in place all I have to do is to remind myself always that I am just her friend, her buddy – nothing more.

Martes, Abril 23, 2013


Our version of the popular song, GWIYOMI. Its our way of starting the day light and fun before we go to our patients. Enjoy!

Biyernes, Abril 12, 2013

SEDA Abreeza Hotel - A New Beginning

One of the perks of my profession is exploring new places as scientific lectures or simply called round table discussions are held in various places around the metro. The recent info drive was held at the new SEDA Hotel right beside Abreeza Mall located at J.P. Laurel Ave. Bajada, Davao City. Opened last March 2013 and still with its final completion, we arrived through their underground parking which only caters 51 spaces. That caused a stir below as drivers were having a hard time searching for a parking area. We rode the elevator to the ground floor and when we reach the area we were greeted with a minimalist feel having white and black as predominating color scheme. The staff greeted us in Dabawenyo dialect. The lobby had several MAC computers installed that if only I can bring one home. The function room was spacious and the comfort room contained huge mirrors enough to support your vanity. I have got to see the bedrooms. I was not able to get a picture of the whole Mezzanine area due to an ongoing event (gatecrashing is not my style.) Overall the SEDA Hotel is one new kid on the block worthy to be discovered. Pictures, copyright, below.

Happy Campers

food, glorious food

some salt and pepper please

a refreshing drink for the summer

as shiny as your forehead

pop art
mezzanine area


Lunes, Abril 1, 2013

Food for the Road

  Throwback Pictures during the Dahilayan Road Trip. Thanks to Atty Teen's printed write-ups our tummies were good to go. The Dahilayan Resort Cafe gave our tummies a run for our money.
The Cafe


the eaters
ang rice. bow

chicekn...quite dry though

sizzling fish . . . tastes good

Pakbet was good

Linggo, Marso 3, 2013

MESA - a not so Moderne yet

The newly opened MESA at the ground floor of SM Lanang Premier, in front of the fountain area, boasts of delectable cuisine with a price that's easy on the pocket. For weeks it has been swarmed by locals just to get the taste of the Filipino dishes with a modern edhe. My family and I decided to check out the restaurant as friends of mine recommended it as a must try.

their menu speaks of sumptuous dishes


the exterior

Theres no denying the the area lacks space as any extension of your limbs could hit your next table neighbor or worst will catapult any meal to other areas. However the interior would compensate to their nearly tuna sized atmosphere and the cocoon section was an amazing feat.

POP ART. Disturbing yet fun to watch

We literally jolted to the sudden shouts of birthday wishers

bring this to my house pls

the cocoon. i wonder how it feels there.

outside in?

The food at MESA tastes delicious. Its a cross breed between Hukad and Krua Thai. The spices and the flavors, for me, were just right on some entree. The big problem with the MESA in totality was their serving which came in staggered. Just like in New Orleans Cafe, we have to wait for a few minutes for our next order to come out. And we did not order a Five course meal. This puts your hunger pangs on hold and melts your appetite. This has been a common problem even at Cafe Laguna. Could it be easier to assign a waitstaff per table and check the orders from time to time to avoid angry customers. And rush hour is not a reason since strategies should be previously discussed as plenty of diners visits during rush hour sanz the term. And it could have been better if customers will be informed as to the nature of their orders rather than serve it late and cold.

the standing chicken?

the iced tea that I never got the chance to taste

the yummy scallops - hope they'll go easy with the garlic

Century Egg, Shrimp in Tofu

Laing in 2 ways. The upper concoction had a sweet aftertaste, while the one below was your typical Laing.

Stuffed Big Shrimp

Barbecue. Spicy Sauce. It was soft to eat and easy to slice
the controversial liempo that was re cooked because as claimed it didnt fit their standards. Was serving it semi cold included in your standards?

Because we were not happy campers, the manager gave us a delicious cassava to compensate their poor servicing, Tasted good.

I would still recommend MESA for good Filipino dishes and hope that their service would improve. The Dining Supervisor was well mannered while we spoke of our suggestions. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to visit the john.

copyright pictures