Lunes, Abril 1, 2013

Food for the Road

  Throwback Pictures during the Dahilayan Road Trip. Thanks to Atty Teen's printed write-ups our tummies were good to go. The Dahilayan Resort Cafe gave our tummies a run for our money.
The Cafe


the eaters
ang rice. bow

chicekn...quite dry though

sizzling fish . . . tastes good

Pakbet was good


Some Added Memories: The restaurant we tried at Cagayan, DELECTA. Located at Ayala Mall. The interior was lush, the price was quite heavy in the pocket but the food tasted well.

ceiling drama

insiders look

i forgot the name of this salad. mixed fruits and vegetables


the P30 rice

the eaters invade cagayan

chicken in ....

this came out dry and taste needs improvement

still we were happy and busog


 Morning breakfast at Dahilayan Restaurant....another area of the Resort.

chorizo and egg

bangus with egg




cheese bread

 Dear Del Monte Clubhouse,

        We were looking forward to dine at your area since most of the blogs boasted about good food at a fraction of a cost. And yes without a doubt it was. However, your waitstaff was quite rude. When asked about the chicken, our service waiter sarcastically replied: "Ay ma'am dili biya mi fastfood, dugay among chicken diri." And when our refillable pineapple juice arrived, we were told : "Hutda na ninyo!" And we were not even asked about how our steak be cooked. It arrived medium rare. Is it because we were not in our golf attires? I hope you brushed them up with some simple good manners and right conduct.



haggard and hungry

dining area

rice with veggies. healthy concoction

steak....looks can be deceiving.. when sliced it came out medium rare

busy buddies

fish and all its glory

the generic fruit salad

until the next smorgasbord! Pictures copyright.

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