Sabado, Setyembre 29, 2012

Mall at your service

The new SM Lanang Premiere feels like all the malls you've been to in Manila combined period. It opened its doors last Sept 28, 2012. Welcome to Davao.

your herbal area - some zen

pwede cable tv na lang yan

welcome consumers

entrance with the "paradahan ng mga vans"

Biyernes, Setyembre 28, 2012

Yes, a Bite can Kill!

            World Rabies Day was celebrated last September 28, 2012. Rabies remains as one of the health concerns in our society. Even in our hospital setting, SPMC, we almost have patient’s everyday seeking consult due to animal bite. In an effort to bring down the mortality and morbidity of animal bite cases, The Department of Health have been vigilant in their campaign distributing information as well as establishing animal bite treatment center around the archipelago to achieve the  objective of a Rabies free Philippines by 2020.
            In keeping with the celebration, Maam Noreen and I went to the Island Garden City of Samal to support the island of their goal of a rabies free zone. As of 2010, Apo Island of Negros Oriental, Batanes Islands and Siquijor are the rabies free declared places in the country. Samal is on their third year with rabies free mortality. A series of lectures were done attended by the different sectors of the government. Below are some facts regarding rabies:

Huwebes, Setyembre 27, 2012

Vigan Series - The Blue Lady (Part 8)

Our last stop in Ilocos was the Bantay Church. Some of our itineraries (which were museums) closed at that day so we proceeded to the other sites. Bantay Church was rather majestic and towering. Its facade embodies olden times reminiscent of Spanish era. With the bell tower separate, the Bantay Church is home of Apo Caridad (Our Lady of Charity), the protector of crops. Midway from the door are logbooks for prayers with a simple message on the cover....Dear Pilgrim. This reminded me of Paolo Coelho with his book the Pilgrimage. There was an art gallery section inside the church, however I was not able to visit because we were stuck at the bell tower due to the rain. We met two children who we had rough business together (by getting us an umbrella for us to reach our car). The first child was condescending and wanted money right away but after negotiation they agreed to have the pay after the service. Business as usual. It was a surreal experience being inside the church, and I was happy to see Apo Caridad. (copyright applies)


Church Facade


stained glass

Lunes, Setyembre 24, 2012

Vigan Series - The Zoo (Part 7)

The Baluarte of Chavit Singson is home to animals, freely defecating and roaming around the huge land area. Its purpose is not only for recreation but also to educate children in the process. I never get to pet the Tiger because the trainor wasnt around. I want to go home in one piece. (copyright applies)

welcome to the biggest zoo

britsh canyons

ang papansin na ostrich...umebak sa harapan namin

hello dinosaurs

Vigan Series - The Secret Garden (Part 6)

The Hidden Garden is indeed hidden. Full of flora and fauna, its like Alice in the Wonderland going through the maze in awe of what is around. There is no entrance fee, they only ask for donation. My mom would be happy if she was with me. (copyright applies)

some zen

bromeliads in bloom

pwede isangla ang gold ----fish?

concentrate on the woman on the table

Sabado, Setyembre 22, 2012

Vigan Series - Pagburnayan and some stories (Part 5)

one of the highlights of our vigan tour is the pottery making (Pagburnayan) which our local pottery maker hastily demonstrated how to cook one because he was hungry already. WE were amazed by the left over pot made on earlier class only to be taken away by the potter maker and mashed again and yet in the end it turned out into a pot. we then had our lunch at Cafe Leonor which on entrance gives you an old school feel and lets you think twice weather you are in a restaurant or not. The food was great though. (copyright applies)

Halimaws sa Bangas

artist artist

the pot which was recycled

kaon daghan koya...

Vigan Series - The Great Leader (Part 4)

Congressman Crisologo was shot inside St. Paul's cathedral in 1970. I wonder if the gunman, who up to now is still unidentified, was a human being during the time of the tragedy. Nevertheless, the legacy still remains in his house/museum. Tita Remy, the caretaker, was kind and gracious enough to welcome us. Here are the pics. (Copyright applies)

Clothes during his Vietnam War days

Mini office - thank you. thank you

my haven

the car that was ambushed but the family survived

the celebrity wagon - used by aga muhlach, cesar montano on movies

Biyernes, Setyembre 21, 2012

Vigan Series - Driving into the Memory Lane (Part 3)

The Vigan Cultural Heritage is a street crowded with two storey houses with huge windows enough to welcome the manananggal during their time. I saw an old picture of the street taken in 1800s where people are wearing barot saya and the street was made of clay. Travel hundred years after and the remains are there but some were repainted and others are converted into a pasalubong area. With streets made of cement blocks, this has been the pasalubong hub but nevertheless the remains gives you an old school feel. (copyright applies)

The Lost Boy

old school mixed with new memories

bagong kalye

old and new

Huwebes, Setyembre 20, 2012

Vigan Series - One Martyr to go please (Part 2)

After we said our prayers and wishes we soon then explored the house of one of Martyrs, Padre Burgos. From the vigan cathedral to his house is just a few meters away and can be accessed through calesa, tricycle, private vehicle or your both feet. His house reminds me of one house in Silay, Bacolod City which was spacious, full of rooms and rich in antiquity. Enjoy. (copyright applies)

the Padre burgos museum opens :8-11; 1-4pm


freedom of speech; early years printing press... some of the portion of the house are laden with old school stuff

people who contributed greatly to ilocos. at hinid ko kilala ang mga iba

Martes, Setyembre 18, 2012

Vigan Series - The House of Holy (Part 1)

Vigan is rich in history and culture. There are plenty of things to do and sights to see. The good thing about is the tourist destinations are just minutes away however it requires plenty of time to enjoy everything. Our second day of tour began at the center of Vigan. Enjoy. Copyright applies.

Back view of the arc boundary ilocos norte/ilocos sur

to the front to the front

vigan mcdonalds. asa na si rizal, pakaunon nato diri.

vigan cathedral

Lunes, Setyembre 17, 2012

Theres Paradise at the end of that Long and Winding Road (Part 8)

We tend to appreciate great things in life but there are simple wonders that gives us joy. Take for example the Patapat Viaduct of Ilocos Norte. Considered as the fourth longest bridge in the country, it was built during the Marcos Regime and was unveiled in October 1986. This was the answer to landslides and road congestion. The road is elevated 30 meters above sea level and connects Maharlika Highway in Laoag to the Cagayan Valley (and I am almost in the northern part of the philippines). Kuya Noel said that during good weather we can see part of the Batanes Island and when he was young, his Dad usually brought him there riding a boat. Batanes, so near yet so far! (copyright applies)

welcome to the Viaduct

the falls was build during the japanese times - as claimed

some rain

ana lang

Pagod ka ba? Ako, Pagudpud! (Part 6)

After countless hours of ride and discovering wonders along the way, we arrive at the famous Pagudpud. A quiet little town two to three hours away from Laoag. Strings of beach resort line the coastal area of the town and we had our lunch at a new resort. Never went to the popular Saud beach but certain portion of the beach is enough to marvel at its wonders. There I tasted my first bagnet which was delicious. So far all the Ilocos food I tried was delicious. Enjoy the pics. (copyright applies)

the welcoming arc

beach side

some action


Sabado, Setyembre 15, 2012

The Huge Electric Fan (Part5)

Months before my Ilocos vacation, I already surfed several blogs to get a birds eye view of the area. I have always been mesmerized by the windmills since time memorial. When some of my friends had their picture taken months and years before, I said aloud that I will be there. And truly, I got there. Situated in the town of Burgos, the Bangui windmills can be seen on the highway. Its towering height is amazing and I can only imagine clipping on its propeller and swinging around until I get nauseous. Again, its an indescribable feeling. (pics-  copyright)

Remember the feeling when you were a kid and you were given what you want? the same feeling I had the moment I saw the windmills. I cannot contain myself in the car. I wanted to run and hug the windmill.

and how can I fit this in my room?

pwede hingiin ang isa? ilagay ko sa labas ng bahay?

windmill o!