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Vigan Series - The Great Leader (Part 4)

Congressman Crisologo was shot inside St. Paul's cathedral in 1970. I wonder if the gunman, who up to now is still unidentified, was a human being during the time of the tragedy. Nevertheless, the legacy still remains in his house/museum. Tita Remy, the caretaker, was kind and gracious enough to welcome us. Here are the pics. (Copyright applies)

Clothes during his Vietnam War days

Mini office - thank you. thank you

my haven

the car that was ambushed but the family survived

the celebrity wagon - used by aga muhlach, cesar montano on movies

the walls of great leaders

his office. on the right is his clothes remain during the assasination surrounded by crime scene pictures. i never dared to get a pic.

he was indeed influential

the receiving area - second floor. on your left is the sala, on the right is their sala 

i want one

another view

small dining area connecting the kitchen


the kitchen with the scary ref on the right

imagine yourself in barong tagalog or barot saya - pooping? AWKWARD!!!!

rich dresses

drama action sequence

Multi purpose hall second floor

Tita Remy - with a warm welcome.

To know more about the history you can visit this site:

2 komento:

  1. Interesting photos. Now I remember. The Crisologo Family wasn't only influential in Ilocos. They actually ruled over it, long before Marcos established his rule there.

    He was in fact one of the most illustrious and famous congressman at the time. He had his share of admirer and enemies as well.

    The house simply show how wealthy the man was and how powerful his family was.

    I laughed so hard at the picture of the antique toilet. Did they also kept their feces intact as one of the mementos as well? hahahaha!

  2. funny comment sir. no feces as of the moment, all was left was a blank hole. scary refrigerator though. if i was living there ill go for the wooden ref rather than the huge one which is weird because they have a movie now coming base on the ref