Sabado, Setyembre 22, 2012

Vigan Series - Pagburnayan and some stories (Part 5)

one of the highlights of our vigan tour is the pottery making (Pagburnayan) which our local pottery maker hastily demonstrated how to cook one because he was hungry already. WE were amazed by the left over pot made on earlier class only to be taken away by the potter maker and mashed again and yet in the end it turned out into a pot. we then had our lunch at Cafe Leonor which on entrance gives you an old school feel and lets you think twice weather you are in a restaurant or not. The food was great though. (copyright applies)

Halimaws sa Bangas

artist artist

the pot which was recycled

kaon daghan koya...

unchained melody please

it takes skill to do this


The smiling ate auring

The old cafe

stay awaayyyyyy

drinks, anyone?

pinakbet na bagnet

nakalimutan ko na 

chicken croquette

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