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Welcome to the Sunshine City - LAOAG! (Part 1)

My vacation leave (finally, after one year of work) paid off as I traveled to one of the best destinations in the country. With one year planning, including booking piso fair, last minute jitters and changes in schedule, riding a non-airconditioned (at first) 4 seater airplane, overcoming the turbulence and praying for dear life and asking God that  I still have plans for showbiz, we arrived at our tourist destination. I only happen to realize once when I was in the plane that our destination is already on top of the map. A first time for everything, I thank the Lord for hearing my prayers, indeed he made the weather sunny, so sunny that I ended up looking fried. I am thankful for the hospitality of the locals and our travel agency for making our trip a memorable one. Special thanks to our Driver Kuya Noel who was very nice to us enduring our quirkiness, our boisterous laughters, singing with us and paving way to our wants. This trip is one of the best experiences of my life and some of my bucket lists were checked. These pictures are divided into series as my camera had a thousand pictures and I am just posting some to let you see and feel the beauty of the place. We will begin with Laoag, the capital of Ilocos Norte and the place where we stayed. Our hotel, Isabel Suites was situated two blocks away from the Capitol. Enjoy the pics (copyright applies) - kakapagod maglagay ng name sa lahat ng pics.

our hotel, Isabel suites, with affordable rooms beside jollibee and two blocks away from the capitol.

 Hollywood sign
Old and New

their entrance road



super closest

the fountain which runs up to ten pm

up close and beautiful

the capitol

their huge clock



never asked if its gold plated or gold painted

typical day

passed by this school right off the bridge. they were having their annual talent portion. the two ladies were singing adele on stage.

the laoag church

a little history





window - the three pictures above were taken on the balcony

above view

door design

where other departments are placed


what i like about their old airport (currently on renovation) is we were welcomed with ilocano songs. you certainly feel the warmth of the environment and a replica of the bangui wind mills

my entourage?

a friendly evening

history beside the huge clock

the capitol at night

funny, we have pictures imitating this statue only to find out in the morning when Kuya Noel told us that there were cctv in the area. the horror!


unleashing the kung fu

our four seater plane that lets you pray passionately when we encounter turbulence

the so cheesecake

the orgasmic carrot cake

Puqui-puqui. i smiled when i heard the name. the taste is divine

if literally we say nalumos sa sabaw (drown in soup) - i want to be drown in this tasty soup - SINANGLAW or beef paksiw

the Ilocano Longganisa


pastries galore - if i were to live there i will buy all of these and eat it alone

fine dining at la preciosa with my best buddy myk

what's nice about travelling is you meet friendly strangers along the way. i never saw them around laoag nor during our tour

dont be fooled - he likes to say pangit

the welcome arc

inside the airport. terminal fee - P40.00

praying for mary

the time capsule

if i am still up and atom by 81, i will go back here and witness the unveiling

old school

the sinking bell tower. sinks everytime there is an earthquake. currently it has gone down two floors. before a horse can enter the doorway but now only half of the door can be seen.

 Laoag is a quiet place geared to simple living. by 6 pm the place is still and serene with police on major corners. Coffee shops usually close at 10pm. there are selected joints who runs in 24 hours. If to choose between Dapitan and Laoag for exile, I would choose the latter.

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  1. i've been to laoag also pero dumaan lng... may plno p mag artista haha ntwa nmn ako dun.. takot ako sumkay ng eroplano tas di p airbus yung sa inyo.. naku mg babus nlng ako

  2. hehehe. trip lang. scary nga but for the love of travel - kakayanin!

  3. Ang ganda ng mga post mo. Mukhang maganda sa laog ah. Namiss ko maglibot ng Pilipinas. Happy Trip pa :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. salamat po. sadyang maganda ang laoag at mga karatig pook :D