Miyerkules, Enero 30, 2013

Gusto mo ba ma High sa Highlands Coffee?

For caffeine addicts, long time zombies, writers and bloggers whose minds kicks when the Manananggal hits the city, Highlands Coffee is for you. Located at the downtown district, Abreeza Mall beside Gonuts Donuts is a new breed of coffee house besting its way with nearby competitors Starbucks and Green Coffee. A small cozy place (because it just opened) it is conducive for get together, social climbing and studying to the point where your ink runs out.


si koya o!

Huwebes, Enero 24, 2013

Almost ran out of breath at Hog's Breath

In the spirit of our dining experience, last Friday night we decided to check out the newly opened restaurants at SM Lanang. We were geared towards Bulgogi Brothers however upon our visit, the store was closed. I wonder if their dry run went awry. And so we strolled outside the fountain area and surveyed other cafe's. In the far end of the the mall near the grocery exit we found an upscale Australian Restaurant. HOGS BREATH.



bring plenty of cash

Lunes, Enero 14, 2013

Novice (White Coat Ceremony SPMC)

As per tradition of the institution, the White Coat ceremony is an annual event to welcome first year resident physicians and to provide recognition. In return staff and administration will be aware of their presence and be of service to each other and hopefully less stares and grouchiness. Last January 14, 2012; 32 residents were welcomed held during the Monday flag ceremony. Attended by training officers, chairpersons, consultants and employees, the activity succeeded giving us the hope that more doctors are undergoing training to provide better care for patients. The graduates were all dolled up and donned perfectly white coats. They were indeed truly welcomed. In the end, they concluded the ceremony with their group song, Fireworks. Welcome to the world. God bless

Departmental Banners

4 years of usage

Dr. Concha hosts the event

Dr. Vega - welcome remarks

Lira is that you?

Chairs and TO's

Happy Camper

Linggo, Enero 6, 2013

SPMC Annual Christmas Decoration 2012

For this late post, I should not be punished. The weather is still reminiscent of December atmosphere. As they say, we should regard everyday as Christmas Day, minus the literal gift giving or else we will run out of funds. Here are this years designs from different departments.

emergency room

bantings to pacify the chaos

my favorite

indigenous - opd

pwede i uli ug balay?

lets do the macarena

Sabado, Enero 5, 2013

Some Jazz and a lot of Food

Just like any graduation, it is customary for old school people to have an after party. This is celebration for the achievement that their loved ones have accomplished and in return treat it like a blessing inorder for more good vibes to come.

Our very own "Bangs Girl" Dr. Aura Rhea Lanaban treated our belly with gusto as she celebrated her after party at New Orleans Cafe located at the Ground Floor of SM Lanang Premier Bajada, outside the store area, with the Panoramic View of the Fountain. Armed with her cutie cousins and Resident Nightingale, Tinmae; our dynamic Chief Amor and the resident BUM; yours truly enjoyed the smorgasbord not to mention my parasitic friends had a lot of fun too.

New Orleans Cafe is your chillout bar/resto. With the Jazz music filling up the area, the servers are quick and polite and the order came in just in time. Every bite was delightful. And I went home straight to the john. I have eaten too much. Again, Doc Aura THANK YOU and Congratulations.

The first Salad is quite scary

their menu

wine tayo dyan

a look of the City of New Orleans

happy camper

Huwebes, Enero 3, 2013

Turning Japanese

CHATIME opens its doors to Davaoeno's as it serves Japanese style tea in variety of ways. Enjoy their choices, so many choices it gave me a headache for a while. Located at the upper ground floor of SM Lanang, beside The French Baker across Krispy Kreme and under Starbucks (syaro mawala ka pa), Chatime promises to satisfy our craving palate. 

Roasted Milk Tea with Pearls - at na roast din ang flavor

small but accessible

Pili Lang

Options Options Options

Yoghurt Lychee as recommended by Doc Aura. Delighted with this

Top 10....8 more to taste
at ang claim disc na wala sa amin bukid. This is how you wait to claim your drink