Sabado, Enero 5, 2013

Some Jazz and a lot of Food

Just like any graduation, it is customary for old school people to have an after party. This is celebration for the achievement that their loved ones have accomplished and in return treat it like a blessing inorder for more good vibes to come.

Our very own "Bangs Girl" Dr. Aura Rhea Lanaban treated our belly with gusto as she celebrated her after party at New Orleans Cafe located at the Ground Floor of SM Lanang Premier Bajada, outside the store area, with the Panoramic View of the Fountain. Armed with her cutie cousins and Resident Nightingale, Tinmae; our dynamic Chief Amor and the resident BUM; yours truly enjoyed the smorgasbord not to mention my parasitic friends had a lot of fun too.

New Orleans Cafe is your chillout bar/resto. With the Jazz music filling up the area, the servers are quick and polite and the order came in just in time. Every bite was delightful. And I went home straight to the john. I have eaten too much. Again, Doc Aura THANK YOU and Congratulations.

The first Salad is quite scary

their menu

wine tayo dyan

a look of the City of New Orleans

happy camper

i need a pixie dust to play this


Chef's Salad: The vegies are crunchy and was not overpowered by their sauce

Rockafeller Oysters: It was a mixture of bitter, sour, salty - sarap

Chicken Mushroom Alfredo: ate a little, tasted great

Spare Ribs: Soft and spicy as well as the side dish

For the sake of Healthy Living: Turns out I ate huge portion.

Barbecue Chicken: just like any of your chicken

Happy Campers. Do I see A juniora Doc Aura?

Callas gumbo: Ox tail and its glory

The Bread: Complimentary, The butter tasted Great
Before the meal


A friendly face

First time?

Top 1 - Pearl Milk Tea and Top 7 Grass Jelly both tasted like 360

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