Huwebes, Enero 24, 2013

Almost ran out of breath at Hog's Breath

In the spirit of our dining experience, last Friday night we decided to check out the newly opened restaurants at SM Lanang. We were geared towards Bulgogi Brothers however upon our visit, the store was closed. I wonder if their dry run went awry. And so we strolled outside the fountain area and surveyed other cafe's. In the far end of the the mall near the grocery exit we found an upscale Australian Restaurant. HOGS BREATH.



bring plenty of cash

The first of its branches here in the Philippines, the cafe can hold around 200-220 customers and even has a conference room. The area was cozy and the waitstaff were attentive to our needs. The waiting time for orders were good enough for your hydrochloric acid not to bore a hole out of your stomach or was it because there were only a handful of customers.

the bar

dining area

si kuya!
salt and pepper calamari - P295

Prawn and Mango Salad - P395; good for 3
kami na sa dinner na good for two

its the sauce that counts
Prk chop two pieces - P495; best eaten hot or its flavors will melt away
the Bar!


To sum it all up, our dining experience was big in taste and a big hole in the pocket. Although its prices are expensive the serving and taste can compensate. I have yet to try their steaks. As for the moment I will hop to another restaurant. Until the next gas...tronomic experience. pictures copyright

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