Huwebes, Setyembre 22, 2011

Food in the City

Despite our efforts to have a healthy outlook in life, the array of food offered around the metro is a subtle excuse to cheat. We have tried to stick to our diet schemes and did our best to stay with our plan to consume sky rocketing calories only once a month but the vibrant colors and rich aroma never fails to a have sinfully delicious experience. Below are some of our favorites...

Gambas @ Moon Cafe

Chicken @ Goldie

Ribs @ De Bonte Koe

Penne Veggies @ Boyds

Blueberry Pancake @ Yoh Froz
Sushi @ Teriyaki Boy

5 Choco Cake @ Lachis

Dessert Sampler @ Max

The Unforgettable Ribs @ Lachis

Halo-Halo @ Ice Giants

Wagyu Beef @ Tsuru

Rosemary Porkchop @ Cocos

Strawberry Cake @ BigBys

Yellow Cab

Melon Pops @ Arirang

 Yoh Froz Fruit Mania

 Classic Savory Chicken (light was not cooperating)

 Mochi  Ice cream.

Moon Cafe Chicken Melt

Aling Fopings Sweeteners

The hunt is still going on. Fork, Spoon, Knife . . . Ready . . . Attack!

Linggo, Agosto 21, 2011

Colors of Kadayawan

Despite my early wake-up call which entailed going to Mass at 6 am and doing my patient rounds by 7:30 am, in the hopes of finishing early to witness the float parade, it was a futile attempt. Much to my energy of having a faster and accurate rounds, two of my consultants arrived making it more longer. I appreciate their presence, checking my orders if my plan is best enough. I was done after two hours and changed into a kadayawan themed polo. Better late than never, it was already the 6th float-big category when I arrived. It was still fun. Here are some scenes.

My Mom's fulfillment and some hyena sounding teens. Coco Martin - aiiieeeeeeeeeeeee

Sleepy Hollow - Minute Version

This was an interesting flower - like a lady with a balloon skirt

heard about microsoft office picture editor?

motherhood and all her glory

Durian, Eagle, Waling-waling = DABAW

Cutesy girl + Majorette Desires = Dehydration

Colorful house in the prairie - Talo na si Hansel and Gretel nito

Festive Float.

Winner - Stunted Growth, Overflowing Awards

Landscape Category. Funny thing, Entrance said: "Donation - 10 pesos only." Since when did donation came in a fixed price?

Motherhood and her happiness.

Like a tree on a hill...Its just a bonsai.

I should include Indak-Indak next year ony my Kadayawan itinerary, that if I am not on duty.

Martes, Agosto 16, 2011

Katong Bata Pa Ka!

ni aging semana nakadawat ko ug text na nag-ingon:

Katong bata pa ka
ginapaak pud nimo ang metal sa mongol pencil para magawas ang eraser?
Gasud-an pud ka ug Milo? (ovaltine akoa)
Naga kanta pud ka sauna atubangan sa electric fan?
Ginabantayan pud ba nimo kung mapalaong ba jud ang suga sa ref kung isira?
Ginatilawan pud nimo ang nectar sa santan?
Ug nagsulat pud ka sa imong pangalan sa abog sa sakyanan?

nikatawa nakahunahuna ko daghan pa ang kulang

Katong bata pa ko, mao ni akong naagian.

Naligo ba ka sa ulan, sa canal, balon ug sa imburnal?
Nisalom ba ka sa fish pond na puno ug butete?
Nakadula ba ka ug tagu anay, syatong, tomba lata, tomba manila, bearus, piko tae, chinese garter, kariling, tabanog, tubig tubigay ug uban pa?
Na try ba nimo magbahay bahayan, ibutang ang live na palaka sa init na metal (ayos cruelty to animals)
Ang magdula ug water bomb?
Ang manglimas ug makakuha ra ug gurami?
Ang ma mingwit ug isugba ang tilapia na nakuha?
Ang matunok ug lansang ug tambalan lang ug hurim hurim?
Ang mamasak ug manguha ug baki, human pritohon ug adobohon? - da best
Ang mangahoy sa kalasangan ug muagi sa allegedly balay sa aswang?
Ang maligo sa sapa ug maadto sa lilo-lilo?
Ang mabilin sa balay ikaw ra isa hangtud alas dyes sa gabii, na brownout pa gyud? faeta oi
Na mag volunteer mag present sa class ug pag dili tawagon sa imung classmate na host, manimalos pag ikaw na ang emcee?
Ang mu apil ug flores de mayo, tapos pag graduation ang award kay pabor pabor?
Magharvest sa bukid na mapuno ug butoy imung lawas pagkahuman?
Mabakos ug makusian na walay hinungdan? (calling 163)
Mupuyo sa balay na matanggal tanggal ang hagdanan?
Ang itali sa kahoy hangtud mahimo asin imung luha?
Mamaligya ug santol, bayabas, candy, plastic balloon sa silingan ug sa eskwelahan?
Mamintik ug mangga sa silingan?
Labayan ang balay sa bubuyog ug mudagan sa dihang pagkahuman niburot na ang nawong sa pinaakan?
ug uban pa

And akong pinka da best na experience....

Ang malibang sa sapa gamit ang sagbot pang ilo. (rock on!)

Martes, Agosto 9, 2011


The rain continues to pour outside and the cold weather remains to embrace me like a lover’s lost and found. The lamp posts looks like a firefly from afar. The serene world through the looking glass is different from the hustle and bustle inside the cafe. The room is alive with the buzzing sound of the coffee machine, the intoxicating jazz music and the chit chats of the customers. Their voices are so loud you feel like you are part of their conversation. I sip my hot coffee and stare at the tempting cinnabon. My salivary glands flood my mouth and its mere presence gives me gustatory pleasure. I resist. Ordering would make my quest for a sturdy physique, futile.

battered and consumed
                I sip my coffee and it drives me back to memory lane, sitting on a window sill with a hot choco in one hand, a pandesal on the other. My grandparents two storey wooden house is a perfect back drop for a coffee commercial, but with a hot choco instead, with its smoke wafting in thin air. I slowly dip my pandesal in the choco and savor every bite while watching the rain drops caress the arid leaves and grasses. They seem to be happy with every drop that comes in contact like a long embrace. I miss my life in the boondocks. I miss the relaxed atmosphere, the song of the crickets and the horror stories over the transistor radio my grandfather usually listens after dinner. Best part of all, when I sleep under the mosquito net on a straw mat. I cover every corner with a pillow protecting my turf like I am at war.

 Hours pass and I patiently wait for my turn. My colleagues are busy clicking on their electronic device, pasting pictures and formulating texts on multiple slides, cramming in the best possible way. In less than 24 hours, we will be presenting our interesting case in front of distinguished panel of judges and the hospital personnel and I volunteered myself to be the designated clicker. The clicker plays a crucial role in the presentation. The clicker must possess a good eyesight to carefully observe textual cues written on the printed speech and simultaneously pressing the arrow down on the laptop. This would synchronize the speaker’s dialogue making her and her case relatable to the viewing public. It requires a steady hand to strategically position his finger to only and only the arrow down function key, doing beyond will cost great damage to the presentation decreasing the presentors chances of winning and dwindling the audience’s attentions span not to mention piercing stares and cuss words from colleagues afterwards. I don't want that to happen. While they are busy pruning their neurons, I fill my body with caffeine to the point of palpitations to make myself awake and alive. While waiting, I use the time to write down my thoughts or else I will look like a patient who just recently came out from the mental hospital. Note to self. Things to do the moment I wake up - to exercise my fingers and hands for flexibility and finesse in pressing. To stretch my eyelids and move my eyeballs to its maximal position to coordinate movement from paper to laptop to speaker hoping my eyeballs will not exchange positions afterwards. To practice deep breathing exercises to achieve wellness and serenity during the presentation or else I would stiff like a sculpture. To consume vitamin A below the level of toxic dose to achieve a high definition eyesight. And best of all to have presence of mind. I hope my neurons will behave like James Bond tomorrow and not Sponge Bob’s or else I will be doom for disaster.  And the rest I leave it to the unforeseen forces of nature.
from 24 hours duty who managed to have a  nap

           My neck hurts. My body shivers from the cold. My hair is standing. I stare at this monitor while my presentor is beside me trying to take a nap. She cannot study. She’s too anxious to sleep and I am excited for the slides to be done. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to pee.  

Martes, Agosto 2, 2011

Video-Videohan 2 - GLEE Parody

After 4 hours of shooting, a handful of chutzpah and minutes of hunger pangs, this is the end result. Enjoy

Linggo, Hulyo 31, 2011

Video-Videohan Bad Day

Our own version of Daniel Powter's Bad Day. Presented during our final day of Medical Internship. Driving back to the memory lane.

Sabado, Hulyo 30, 2011

C.R muna ako

"C.R muna ako", the familiar statement when one is bored, almost bored or in the verge of being thrown into the abyss of boredom, when being caught by a bunch of serial killers, who inject boredom serum straight into one’s nose. Going to comfort rooms is just one good way of killing the time while experiencing the arthritis of boredom. 

Aside from boredom, one can invoke the cr-muna-ako line if, let us say, your crush is coming or will be joining the group few minutes later. This is especially true for most women or for some men too. Oh Yeah, men are also entitled to such free ticket trip to restrooms and make some body metamorphosis (Red one! Green Two! Blue Three! Yellow Four! Pink Five! Bioman!).

Another reason why one starts to get a little help from our hospitable four-cornered shabby restroom, is to conceal drunkenness (someone is already target-locked!). 

True enough, if one is starting to speak in tongues, beginning to see "dead people" and talk to them, dance with some walking hormones and harangue about the emotional break up with his girlfriend, or analyze the economic depression of 1997, or rant about why the 7-tonner rice costs 35 pesos/kilo. If these symptoms persist, call the janitor. 

One would rush to the restroom of the partyphile, not to rest, but to put up a fight against his poor friend turned defenseless enemy- Sgt. Lavatory, and declare World War Three. 

After the gruesome war, the restroom will become a 21st century blitzkrieg, and the loser will eventually be reputed as the laughingstock of the assembly of the wasted. 

Oh well, whatever may be the reason of everyone, at the end of the day, it is really great to appreciate life, to celebrate it and to seize any given moment. Carpe Diem!  

Spelling Bee

Growing up, I have witnessed the yearly spelling bee competition at ESPN wherein kids, who looks like your typical nephews and nieces but has an IQ more than their brain can handle, battle for the title of Spelling Bee Champion. I twitch and move around my seat as each competitor go in front of the microphone and wait for their word to be given.  I didn’t know that spelling bee contests are nerve wracking and entails a lot of questioning before the contestant spells. What is the word of origin? Any alternate pronunciations? Can you use it in a sentence? My heart beats faster as they try to maintain their composure. They either jump with glee when they get it or drown in sorrow surrounded by the hug of their parents when they lose.
During my time, at their age, I wasn’t keen about spelling. In fact, I was not a fan of reading in the beginning. Instead of memorizing words, knowing their meaning and spelling them out, I was playing shatong, tumba lata, tago-anay, bearus, tumba manila, piko tae, Chinese garter (yes, Chinese garter because of my long limbs, we practically win when I do the cartwheel) and go swimming in the river, canal or even fish ponds with tadpoles. My childhood was indeed fun spending time with Ultraman, Magmaman, Bugs and Daffy, Superbook friends and Flying House. So I wonder if these kids are having their normal childhood when all they think are words and letters. It would be helpful to place them in Plants vs. Zombies world where the Zombies will go: “letraaaa, leeetraaaa, letraaaaaaaaaaaaaa….”
Fast forward, and after years of schooling, I had my words and spelling intact. However, there are some who were left behind. Take for example below.

i need an auto to pass

Arts Gratia Artis

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to deliver them some zombies.