Linggo, Agosto 21, 2011

Colors of Kadayawan

Despite my early wake-up call which entailed going to Mass at 6 am and doing my patient rounds by 7:30 am, in the hopes of finishing early to witness the float parade, it was a futile attempt. Much to my energy of having a faster and accurate rounds, two of my consultants arrived making it more longer. I appreciate their presence, checking my orders if my plan is best enough. I was done after two hours and changed into a kadayawan themed polo. Better late than never, it was already the 6th float-big category when I arrived. It was still fun. Here are some scenes.

My Mom's fulfillment and some hyena sounding teens. Coco Martin - aiiieeeeeeeeeeeee

Sleepy Hollow - Minute Version

This was an interesting flower - like a lady with a balloon skirt

heard about microsoft office picture editor?

motherhood and all her glory

Durian, Eagle, Waling-waling = DABAW

Cutesy girl + Majorette Desires = Dehydration

Colorful house in the prairie - Talo na si Hansel and Gretel nito

Festive Float.

Winner - Stunted Growth, Overflowing Awards

Landscape Category. Funny thing, Entrance said: "Donation - 10 pesos only." Since when did donation came in a fixed price?

Motherhood and her happiness.

Like a tree on a hill...Its just a bonsai.

I should include Indak-Indak next year ony my Kadayawan itinerary, that if I am not on duty.

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