Lunes, Pebrero 17, 2014

The Dong Juan Experience

We were curious about the restaurant located at the third floor of Abreeza frequently flooded with customers. And you wont miss the warm Chinese man in front of the door, inviting passers by to try his cuisine. I, being a mall rat and a lover of food together with my friend, Myk, tried out their menu one cold night after salivating from book sale at Fully Booked. The excitement have caused us hunger pangs that we were looking for affordable dining. And here are the pictures...

Kalamansi Blush is a weird concoction. For someone looking for an exotic drink, this can be reconsidered


the Room inside. A minimalist feel.

Lemon Iced Tea - tasted pure instead of commercialized

Green Salad in Vinigrette. The portion is big but I wish the vinigrette was more.

Miyerkules, Pebrero 5, 2014

Organic Living

In the advent of fast food chain wherein globs of fat is already available for your heart and arteries that will definitely shorten your life, My friend Myk and I started to cut off our calories and its high time for me to get serious in my gym sessions. A week ago, Myk came across pictures of food from his facebook friend. Our curiousity led us to a place reminiscent of the Bahay Kubo song. Welcome to Balay Bukid where everything reminds you of your childhood and the place speaks of Filipino ingenuity. The rest of my moments will be told through pictures
Basket Ceiling

Dining Area

Recycled Bottle Walls

Tetrapack for placemat

Art for Arts Sake