Martes, Oktubre 23, 2012

Its Boracay not Bora!

As my title goes, so does the poster I saw in one of the tourist destinations. Our first family vacation, complete with father and mother was a success despite the bickering and fights in between over simple things. I was able to apply a leave because I do not want to miss this event. Its family, its a priority.

Its my third time to visit Boracay. First in 2000 with college friends, then 209 with my other friends and this year. So much have changed, so many people mostly koreans. Food are everywhere, stalls are all around. It has changed, progressed and had become commercialized. The places that I used to see are now flooded with hotels but the locals are still courteous. There are plenty of things to do in Boracay and I have enjoyed my vacation. copyright applies

welcome to boracay

your postcard
boracay will be not complete without the tourists

afternoon vintas


Sabado, Oktubre 13, 2012

Reach Out

In Celebration of The World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Davao City, held its first post-graduate course entitled Reach Out. Attended by Medical and Non-Medical practitioners, the whole day activity was filled with lectures and workshops. Hospice and Palliative care cater to the sick and the dying, not only the patients as well as their families.

I was the host of the said event and because of my on going flu, my brain wasnt functioning well due to the virus. I have lost my confidence as well as my energy that I felt like I was the zombie plucked from the Walking Dead Series. Nevertheless, the show must go on.

Thanks to all the participants as well as the organizers. Until the next postgrad.

it all begins with this


Pakisulat ng name

Miyerkules, Oktubre 10, 2012

That Guy is in Lab with You Pare!

The opening day of This Guy’s In Love With You Mare was a regular day here in Davao City. People in Manila may flock to the point of stampede the cinemas however it was opposite in our case. There were still a few chairs available during the last full show. Is it that other mall goers were anticipating the turn of events that they opt to watch it later rather than the opening day to avoid meeting their pasts, hobnob with their frenemies or prevent oneself from the tuna atmosphere? Whatever their reasons, I was still happy I grabbed a seat. Together with my friend Totet, who’s becoming bored of her life to the point of a nervous breakdown, we watched the movie…

...And we laughed. This is one of the movies where you just want to sit down and let your mind rest. The actors portrayed their characters well and their actions spoke volumes. This Guy’s In Love with You Mare is about Luis who had a three year relationship with Vice. Despite all the efforts Vice gave to him (true to the nature of gays supporting guys or they called “papa”) – finishing his school and even giving money to his family, Luis called it quits. Vice was sadden by the turn of events and stalked Luis only to find out that Luis was in love to a girl, Toni. Vice became even more depressed to the point of jumping off the bridge but thanks to his supportive friends and families, his in-law gave him the idea to court Toni, and hoped she would fall in love so that Luis and her would break up and have Luis in his arms again. And so begins the chaos.

Lunes, Oktubre 8, 2012

Antiquity - Ilocandia Extra 2

The Paoay Church is where I want to get Married. And where I want to go back in the past as well. Looks haunting but its full of stories. The walls embeds memories and its facade have seen great memories through time. copyright applies


hmmm what architecture inspired?

mind over matter

a closer look

e for effort

Sabado, Oktubre 6, 2012

Malacañang ti Amianan - Ilocondia extra 1

Ilocos is home to the Marcoses. I admire them for preserving the old school atmosphere despite the urbanization. One of the tourists destination is Ilocos is the Malacanang of the North. Home to the Marcoses, this rest house was recently refurbished and turned into a museum. From the design aesthetic to the views surely, I will definitely have a total R&R in this place. Located in Paoay, the official residence of the Marcoses offers  a breath taking view of the Paoay Lake which reminds me of Sound of Music. i forgot how much was the entrance fee Copyright applies.

my future house

some guardya and the not so civil

the main lobby

a replica of his office

Martes, Oktubre 2, 2012

Natures bounty - Before they were Stars

Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River are some of the major sites in our region today that have attracted thousands of locals and foreigners. Before they have reached their Stardom, I had the opportunity to bask in their wonder three years ago during those days when I still control my time.

I shall recall my encounter like it was yesterday. Enchanted River is located in Hinatuan Surigao del Sur. A rocky ride from the main road that would take you around 20 minutes. But despite the near formation of butt sores, the river is worthy of the long travel. Pristine and blue, they are inhabited by fishes that glistens under the sunlight and tempting to take for a sumptuous dinner. According to our guide, the river is around 60 ft deep with the cave on end and the beach on the other. Today, the river has been transformed with comfortable paths on the side to enjoy the view. There are still bancas to give you a ride around the sea and life vest for those who don't have gills. And they already have an entrance fee too. These pictures were taken three years ago. copyright applies