Miyerkules, Oktubre 10, 2012

That Guy is in Lab with You Pare!

The opening day of This Guy’s In Love With You Mare was a regular day here in Davao City. People in Manila may flock to the point of stampede the cinemas however it was opposite in our case. There were still a few chairs available during the last full show. Is it that other mall goers were anticipating the turn of events that they opt to watch it later rather than the opening day to avoid meeting their pasts, hobnob with their frenemies or prevent oneself from the tuna atmosphere? Whatever their reasons, I was still happy I grabbed a seat. Together with my friend Totet, who’s becoming bored of her life to the point of a nervous breakdown, we watched the movie…

...And we laughed. This is one of the movies where you just want to sit down and let your mind rest. The actors portrayed their characters well and their actions spoke volumes. This Guy’s In Love with You Mare is about Luis who had a three year relationship with Vice. Despite all the efforts Vice gave to him (true to the nature of gays supporting guys or they called “papa”) – finishing his school and even giving money to his family, Luis called it quits. Vice was sadden by the turn of events and stalked Luis only to find out that Luis was in love to a girl, Toni. Vice became even more depressed to the point of jumping off the bridge but thanks to his supportive friends and families, his in-law gave him the idea to court Toni, and hoped she would fall in love so that Luis and her would break up and have Luis in his arms again. And so begins the chaos.

Vice was effective in his character especially when he acted straight, you can hear the entire cinema go eeeewwwww. He was good in delivering in his lines as expected of him and he acted his role well. Toni as usual looks great in her dresses and those legs are to die for. This is her forte, so it was like watching her previous movies. As for Luis, he still needs to improve his acting chops. I still feel he needs major acting classes. 

There were plenty of old actors that resurrected in this movie and it was nice to see them. I find this movie moderately funny and still prefer Praybeyt Benjamin as the best of all Vice’s film. Maybe because I know he can deliver so there were scenes that did not stimulate my funny nerve or I was just kill joy? The different lines from various movies made the scenes even funnier. The plot was just basic, they just incorporated laugh out loud moments to make it more memorable. This was for all, a comedy film. I would still recommend everyone to watch this film. It’s a feel good movie enough to take away your stress, leave the real world for a moment and bask to the fantasies of the reel dimension. Have a good laugh and make sure you brushed your teeth prior. You don’t want your seatmate to look sour. Enjoy the film

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  1. hindi ko pa to napapanood dis sunday pa .... tenks sa review .. pamapawla ng stress din to

  2. Trailer pa lang I was already laughing so hard, despite the fact na Petrang Kabayo lang ang napanood ko sa lahat ng movies ni Vice. Normal lang kasi nga wala ako sa Pilipinas, hehehe...

    He is really a good comedian and a smart one too. I hope some of my friends bring a DVD copy back here in Italy.