Sabado, Oktubre 13, 2012

Reach Out

In Celebration of The World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Davao City, held its first post-graduate course entitled Reach Out. Attended by Medical and Non-Medical practitioners, the whole day activity was filled with lectures and workshops. Hospice and Palliative care cater to the sick and the dying, not only the patients as well as their families.

I was the host of the said event and because of my on going flu, my brain wasnt functioning well due to the virus. I have lost my confidence as well as my energy that I felt like I was the zombie plucked from the Walking Dead Series. Nevertheless, the show must go on.

Thanks to all the participants as well as the organizers. Until the next postgrad.

it all begins with this


Pakisulat ng name

The Early Birds

Get your kits here pls

maam sir 36 shots ra ni

Dr. Lao - Chairman Of Famed. Nice outfit doc

The Color Purple

maam 36 shots ra lagi ni

33 shots na lang

they keep coming

Our FAMED baby - Dr. Enobio

Departments nightingale - Doc Christine

Welcome Remarks

Participants participating

Lecture Series

Dr. Sorroso - Hospice and Palliative Care Fellow



Video Series

Ang dakilang timer

Thank you po for the suggestions

Security Guard on your rightmost


Our beloved consultants.


the best part of the program

again and again

My Mentor Dr. Elinore Concha on Psychosocial Impact of Illness

Dr. Concha

Case Series

Isipi isip


salamat po

from san pedro and limso

mr. and ms. spmc

catching up

Mr. Lunar Fayloga on Spiritual Suffering

Growing with God


thank you

thank you more

our friends from pascual

thank you

our class president now a Diplomate of Occupational Medicine - Dr. Pat Masecampo - happy camper


Dr. Gema

the man of the hour - Dr. Rojim Sorrosa

naay sanay magpose - kyphosis lordosis




Dr. Sorrosa, Dr. Lao and the Smoking Cessation Consultant Dr. Charito Casia

thank you

the baby is now a ladies man


happy campers

closing remarks - Dr. Casia

the class picture

the team

the team - seryus

the team - kiat

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