Huwebes, Nobyembre 29, 2012

Hosting 101

John and Marsha?

Because of our twang and intonation we have become seasoned hosts of our institution. We sometimes do singing or both. Tonight,  our hosting skills were put to the test as NCCC Mall Medical Department gave as our break as we ran their show during their 4th season of Pinoy Biggest Loser. A yearly competition involving employees who would enroll themselves and undergo the grueling task of losing weight. Given exercise program and weighed twice a week since July, tonight was the culmination of their hard work and dedication. Aside from the individual Pinoy Biggest Loser contest, Aero Showdown Dance Competition was held participated by different NCCC Branches. NCCC Main Won as the winner of Aero Dance Competition and an employee from Tagum won the Pinoy Biggest Loser. Congratulations for a successful activity and thank you Doc Cindy, Doc Chat and Doc Concha for the opportunity. copyright applies

prepping for the show with Doc Lina and Doc Cindy

Corrections corrections

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 28, 2012

Doing my Health a Favor

I had a run for my money on different yogurt around the city but this stays true to my heart. Located around the food district of Torres St. Yoh Froz has opened its doors welcoming every generation. During the opening I came here thrice and brought some of my friends not only for its cozy ambiance, affordable prices and proportional servings but because of the taste. It makes my brain tingle, and if my neurons electrify then I am happy.

car not included


some benefits of yogurt. i dont have to expound

Diner for Two please!

Eating is one of my favorite past times which to the envy of my friends and detractors because despite of my voracious appetite I do not bloat easily. Well, only my belly does thinking I'm having a benign case of parasitic infection. One glorious afternoon, I passed by Torres street and noticed a new store on my way to the conference. There wasn't too much publicity regarding this food stall or rather I didn't hear any publicity at all. So this afternoon from a 24 hour duty and after some hours sleep, I have decided to invade such newbie.

California Diner gives you the dust, literally since its beside the road. It gives you a 1960's vibe like those in movies. With old school house rock music blaring on their radio, think about Grease. It reminds me though of those mystery movies of roadside inns where truckers and commoners stop over to satiate their growling gastric juices. It's a small area and gives you a relaxing feel (as long as you turn your back to the road so that people wont notice you.)

Biyernes, Nobyembre 23, 2012

Starbucks Christmas Cheer Party

Fun                    Joyous                       Happiness                    Free Food                 Drinks

         Simple Pleasures                Holiday Cheer               Christmas Party                Chill Acoustic

The Starbucks Christmas Cheer Party at SM Ecoland last November 23, 2012 was loaded with calories and sweets enough to describe the term Sugar Rush. Happy Holidays.


from one party to the next

Old School Cool


Sabado, Nobyembre 17, 2012

Breaking Dawn (The End of Taylor Lautner's Six Pack Abs)


The Twilight Series has finally come to an end. And the last installment made me awake as opposed to the previous movies which made me concoct my own series in dreamland. I was never a fan, I was coerced to watch by friends and even deceived at one point convincing me that it’s a good story only to find out it wasn’t leaving me asleep and drooling in my seat. It’s like a teenage version of Interview with The Vampire, only in raging hormones. Too much talking, pale looking characters, and a boy who likes to flaunt his body onscreen which females and some not so female viewers enjoy. The reason I watched is because Bella turned into a Vampire and with promising powers she possess her character became interesting.

So what’s in store in the last franchise? Bella is now having red lenses. A baby was born named Renesmee who happens to be half mortal and half immortal. However wrong word spread, thanks to a nosy character and the Volturi, the most powerful group of vampires wanted to kill her. It has been known that Immortal babies are equivalent to our “tyanaks” which explains why they have to kill them. Now Edward and Bella don’t want to ignite chaos and planned to convince the Volturi’s that their child is not a threat. And thanks to their friends, they gathered witnesses around the world with special powers to prove that their claim is true. I for one like the Amazon Vampires as well as the Vampire who can control the elements. The rest of the story you have to watch . . . it gets exciting in the end with a twist that dismayed the moviegoers.

Biyernes, Nobyembre 9, 2012

In Review

Movies are an expression of our daily lives. Our hidden desires and emotional angst are depicted in those characters in the big screen that sometimes we can associate with them having multiple playbacks until the DVD screams stop. Well, it’s just an introduction to make you interested. Here are my takes on the previous movies that I have seen.

Wreck it Ralph

            Reviews of the movie were positive and on the opening day there were long lines at Abreeza. After much debate to myself I decided to watch the movie. It is cartoons so it can wait but this one was quite intriguing. Wreck It Ralph reminded of my ATU days at Ilustre. I have been into arcade games when I was young enough for my mother to file for bankruptcy. However, such addiction came into halt as I began to suffer migraines. Imagine those characters come to life after the shop closes. It was funny to see Ken complaining of back pains because he was tired of giving punches and saying (Adooken!). And Pacman counseling a group of villains – its like Alcoholic Anonymous. Hilarious. To cut the story short, Ralph the villain in the arcade game was tired of being the villain as well as living in the dump while the good guy, Felix  (fixing things was his specialty) got all the attention and was living in the penthouse (by the way he always get a medal in the end). He wanted to have recognition and the only way to get that is by getting a medal. So he went into Super Turbo (meaning going to other games to find a medal.) Its like playing Super Mario and suddenly this unusual character appears on the screen. Havoc sets in and later on realizes that it is important to be true to yourself. It is a heartwarming movie with a dose of laughter. I highly recommend it for adults and kids.


If there’s any character that kicks ass with panache and looks untouched afterwards, it’s Bond. James Bond. The 23rd installment of the Bond Franchise and the third of Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the character was still a delight to see. My father is a fan of the James Bond which explains why I have one of the actors name. And if ever I’ll be reincarnated, I want to live his life.
            The latest installment was less on gadgetry and more on action sequence. There were less nude scenes and more bruises. With the replacement of a new H and death of M, people will have to wait what’s in store for Bond. It’s not your usual installment; even my Dad said it was: “Ok Lang” But still, it was worth the penny.

Huwebes, Nobyembre 8, 2012

Dying Comfortably (SPMC Palliative Wing Opens!)

After arduous months of preparation, grueling negotiations and sleepless nights, finally all efforts transpired into a successful activity. Last November 8, 2012, the Section of Palliative Medicine under the Department of Family and Community Medicine of Southern Philippines Medical Center, officially opened its Ward area. Spearheaded by our dynamic consultant, Dr. Rojim Sorrosa, it aims to cater more patients who are suffering from debilitating conditions who needs our special services. In coordination and altruism of the Rotary of Waling-Waling, the vision was indeed materialized.

The momentous occasion was attended by the Chief of Hospital, Dr. Leopoldo J. Vega; the Chief of Clinics, Dr. Ricardo Audan and several department heads and dignitaries. Local networks were out to support our opening. Congratulations everyone.

Palliative Team with Consultants and Residents

always have someone to get rid of the bad vibes

Light to guide us

pray to strengthen us


Huwebes, Nobyembre 1, 2012

Pinoy Horror Story, My Horror Story.

Janiuay Cemetery - built in 1875. Middle entrance.

 I am a big fan of horror stories. Growing up in a Spiritista environment, my grandfather used to receive visitors from neighboring barangays dealing with their personal problems and creating, let just say weird solutions. When he was still alive, he would wake up early dawn, ride around his mountain bike and by the time I wake up he is already cooking meals and the altar is laden with fresh flowers. Living in the boondocks is one thing I missed. Fresh air, fresh food and plenty of stories abound. My grandfather was a science teacher and also a mananambal. Add to that, some members of the family have third eye. And allegedly, one of my grandmothers was an aswang. Sad to say I did not inherit any of her powers, I could use a wing to fly all over the archipelago. Up to now, I do not know how did that story came up. Speculations from relatives and hand me down info revealed that one time when my uncle accompanied my lolo (her husband) to their house, it was a great surprise to see my lola (the alleged aswang) having red eyes and unkempt hair. In my case, anyone can look grumpy when awaken in the middle of the night. 

Growing up, I have my own experiences living in the mountains. I would wake up sometimes having bruises on some parts of my body. Leukemia was not part of the possibility. I was just told that a duwende did it because I was hyper. I did not believe it until one afternoon, my sister and I were playing habolan at a basketball court when all of a sudden a big force hit me (like I was pushed intentionally) and fell into the ground yielding abrasion to my shoulders and knees. The ground was smooth, my slippers were fit, I had good legs and my sister was a few meters away. I went home limping and crying. In the middle of the night, my sister awoke from her sleep and heard my grandfather, in front of a burning candle, calling names and scolding a specific one. I would also get sick during my birthdays for several years and would disappear once my grandfather performs one of his rituals. We have our own stories to tell even the bookstores are flooded with volumes.