Biyernes, Nobyembre 9, 2012

In Review

Movies are an expression of our daily lives. Our hidden desires and emotional angst are depicted in those characters in the big screen that sometimes we can associate with them having multiple playbacks until the DVD screams stop. Well, it’s just an introduction to make you interested. Here are my takes on the previous movies that I have seen.

Wreck it Ralph

            Reviews of the movie were positive and on the opening day there were long lines at Abreeza. After much debate to myself I decided to watch the movie. It is cartoons so it can wait but this one was quite intriguing. Wreck It Ralph reminded of my ATU days at Ilustre. I have been into arcade games when I was young enough for my mother to file for bankruptcy. However, such addiction came into halt as I began to suffer migraines. Imagine those characters come to life after the shop closes. It was funny to see Ken complaining of back pains because he was tired of giving punches and saying (Adooken!). And Pacman counseling a group of villains – its like Alcoholic Anonymous. Hilarious. To cut the story short, Ralph the villain in the arcade game was tired of being the villain as well as living in the dump while the good guy, Felix  (fixing things was his specialty) got all the attention and was living in the penthouse (by the way he always get a medal in the end). He wanted to have recognition and the only way to get that is by getting a medal. So he went into Super Turbo (meaning going to other games to find a medal.) Its like playing Super Mario and suddenly this unusual character appears on the screen. Havoc sets in and later on realizes that it is important to be true to yourself. It is a heartwarming movie with a dose of laughter. I highly recommend it for adults and kids.


If there’s any character that kicks ass with panache and looks untouched afterwards, it’s Bond. James Bond. The 23rd installment of the Bond Franchise and the third of Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the character was still a delight to see. My father is a fan of the James Bond which explains why I have one of the actors name. And if ever I’ll be reincarnated, I want to live his life.
            The latest installment was less on gadgetry and more on action sequence. There were less nude scenes and more bruises. With the replacement of a new H and death of M, people will have to wait what’s in store for Bond. It’s not your usual installment; even my Dad said it was: “Ok Lang” But still, it was worth the penny.

 TikTik (The Aswang Chronicles)

            As disturbing as the title is, it succeeded on its purpose. The latest Pinoy Horror Movie starring Ding Dong Dantes, Lovi Poe, Joey Marquez, Janice de Belen to name a few was your typical aswang story. To encapsulate - Pregnant Girl, Broken Relationships, Dysfunctional Family, Far-flung area, Human eating Humanoids. With breakthrough in digital post production and visual effects, the mood and cinematography is like in 300 (Ahoo!). And never in my life I have seen a Pinoy movie with so much brand advertisements, Lipps, Emperador, Boy Bawang and many more. There are a lot of scares and funny moments. Some actors need to do more acting workshop, the make-up needs polishing, and the matrixsque style was a bit dragging that if I were the Aswang, I have already swallowed the characters. Still, it was worth to watch.


Sci Fi. Time Travel. Mayhem and Carnage. Violence Violence Violence. Super Powers. Kick Ass Actors. Not for the faint of Heart. In the end, you'll realize that the plot was just simple yet wonderfully interpreted. Go watch.

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  1. Pangalawang beses ko nakita ang Skyfall dito. Mukhang maganda. Papanoorin ko na nga. thanks for this post :)

  2. ma-download nga yang Looper. parang maganda. ;)