Huwebes, Nobyembre 29, 2012

Hosting 101

John and Marsha?

Because of our twang and intonation we have become seasoned hosts of our institution. We sometimes do singing or both. Tonight,  our hosting skills were put to the test as NCCC Mall Medical Department gave as our break as we ran their show during their 4th season of Pinoy Biggest Loser. A yearly competition involving employees who would enroll themselves and undergo the grueling task of losing weight. Given exercise program and weighed twice a week since July, tonight was the culmination of their hard work and dedication. Aside from the individual Pinoy Biggest Loser contest, Aero Showdown Dance Competition was held participated by different NCCC Branches. NCCC Main Won as the winner of Aero Dance Competition and an employee from Tagum won the Pinoy Biggest Loser. Congratulations for a successful activity and thank you Doc Cindy, Doc Chat and Doc Concha for the opportunity. copyright applies

prepping for the show with Doc Lina and Doc Cindy

Corrections corrections
standing by


prizes and surprises

Doc Chat, and some family support. Hello Iven

Doc Cindy in a rush

mingaw pa

nice stage

before the show

registration area
wala pa duty maya na lang

the NCCC Mall Talents

sayaw sayaw lang

NCCC Mall Group

hot mamas and papas

the NCCC Main group - winner

i like this part



NCCC Centerpoint

a blurry vision

Our Consultant Doc Rojim always ready

red carpet?

ana lang

yes, i enjoyed the show...thank you

judge si kuya
singer - kinaya ang heels

impromptu sayaw si kuya

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