Lunes, Disyembre 17, 2012

Dining With the Stars

Burger joints are popping like mushrooms around the City. The competition is fierce. Some prices are right while the others are flop like french fries drowned in oil. My favorite past time when I am from work is to eat. I have left the life of having a toned body and succumb to the desires of my gut.

Located at the lush scenery of Gaisano Mall's The Peak, we discover where the Stars Dine out (well mentally). Hollywood Burger has some controversial background on how it arose to fame however despite the issues it remained true to its name. The food is delightful, enough to get me nauseous afterwards. Its happiness. copyright

the sinful french fries

on the set

the crazy owner and her crazy burger

hollywood burger classic

crazy burger

two patty burger


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