Sabado, Disyembre 29, 2012

MANA - A display of Lights

I always look forward to Christmas, not because of the gifts (although I enjoy having them all), not because of the parties, the reunions and the major weight gain to the point of bursting. One reason I enjoy is the display of lights around the city. And who could ever portray such thrill and fun but MANA.

Located in J.P. Laurel Ave, just before Robinsons, locals and tourists flock in their compound not only because of their antiques but their opulent Christmas decoration as well. The parade of lights and intricate structural designs, not to mention  their Mascots visible around the area withstanding the humidity and spreading good cheer. It was a fun way to celebrate the Holiday Season. Even if some of our incentives were cut off (Bitter Mode) still, just watching the lights made me happy.

At akoy nasita kasi ang bawal ginawa ko. hehehe

magakano kaya electric bill?

care for a face

face lift

masayang pasko

aba, parang backyard ko lang

merry christmas

happy new year

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Gate Lights

Color Combination

isa pa gate

si koya

si koya hahahahaa

front and center


happy si porky
exchange of odors

nakaka high nga
merry and happy

dahan dahan lang


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  1. Mga Tugon
    1. lalo sa personal. sikip sikipan lang dahil sa dami ng tao

  2. Tatanong ko sana kung saan ang J.P. Laurel then nakita ko DAVAO, ang layo nito sa Manila, lol!

    Blog hopping here, thanks for sharing the beautiful display of lights.

  3. goodluck sa gastos sa electricity nito hahahahaha