Lunes, Disyembre 31, 2012

Ssssssssnnnnnaaakkkkeee Year. A Blessed 2013

First Day of the NewYear 2013 and First entry. Naks! First lahat. It's a new day. I do hope that life will be full of blessings and love for everyone. And I do pray that the Lord above will give us strength and wisdom whatever this year has to offer. Good Vibes ako this year. I can feel it, I can smell it, I can envisioned it - I, I, I need to poop for a while. My gas is taking control of my head.....wait..... Flussshhhh

2012 was an exciting year for me. Life is what you make it. I have tried to be more optimistic and energetic (including being mental) but the later months I lost my energy. No matter how hard I try to consume energy drink, supplements, vitamins and minerals and lecithin (sing...birch tree milk powder! creamy and white, delish alright!) - plugging, still, I wake up lethargic and retarded, not to mention tulo laway...ewwwwwwwwwwww.

No more New Years resolution this year. I am tired of making one, I have to keep in mind to stay focus, be positive in life and have lots of love. I came across one tweet that goes..not exactly I remember..that New Year is not finding new things but finding a new soul. O ayos diba, new soul, mag-out of body experience ka and mag hunting ng bagong spirito ang peg, parang change costume lang. Siguraduhin lang na di mapangahas ang makukuha. Year of the Snake pa naman ngayon, dila dila lang....ssssssssssssss (laway not included). Para sa mga adik sa Zodiac eto na... . I am a Metal Rooster and as the Zodiac says it will be a good year just to be wary about backstabbers and haters. If they mess with me, I'll feed them with the piranhas. Or lalawayan ko sila. Itatali ko sila sa upuan, kakain ako ng Paella Negra at Squid at sabay ssssssssssss sa harap nila hanggang sisigaw na sila ng tama na, tama na! joke joke joke...or pwede na rin.

ang munting handa

J for Jologs

Ayan napagod sa kakaparty!

Hope everyone had a blast last night. Hindi lang na blast ang mga physical parts eh or else. I would like to send prayers for those who didnt have a sound celebration. I hope God will give you good health and will recover fast. I am sending out my prayers and love to the victims of Typhoon Pablo. Padala pa rin kayo ng tulong water and food. Thank you everyone for making last year GREAT. Hope this year would be MARVELOUS!

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