Sabado, Hunyo 16, 2012

Cool Breeze of June

            My Saturday began with the usual morning rounds with patients. It is my duty to check on their well being from time to time and explain to them their latest lab results. Dealing with patients and their caregivers is not an easy task since patients come in different forms-worried, elated, flat affect and sometimes hyper. I have to keep my composure and tell them straight face their current condition. Although I am always open for questions to satisfy their curiosities and to correct their misconceptions. The latter is very important.

maglinis ay di biro

anong kaguluhan ito?

            After filling up the doctor’s orders and updating the progress notes, I went to the emergency room to endorse my patients to the resident on duty and then proceeded to the office for our general cleaning. It has been said that it was years since the place last tasted mops and brushes which explains the cobwebs enough to make a comforter. Our stethoscopes and charts were replaced with brooms as we inspected and scrubbed every nook and cranny until it was spotless. Finally, after the hard-work and dry hands from frequent washing, our space can now finally be called, the office.

jay-i, always the driver

our future oncologist, chillaxing

            Life is full of surprises. After our cleaning session, my good old friends and I went for a roadtrip, destination Mont D Johan. With a few sun to spare, Jay-I hurriedly drove to the destination just after Marilog District. Thanks to Julie’s food donation, our adrenalin was coupled with glucose enough for Jay-I to control his speed while I was on the back seat listening to my Ipod until it gave away. I don’t drive, I am just the friendly katulong/PR/road manager. We arrived past five and felt the cool breeze of the area. It was like autumn. The air was fresh and clean I keep on inhaling several times until my brain kicked the senses out of me. Woods. Fresh Air. Cabins. Rocky Trails. Clean Rivers. Beautiful Landscape. Insect biting (kidding). It was the perfect location for rest and recreation from the hustle and bustle of city life. I moved from place to place making Applelyn my P.A. and official photographer. I marvel at nature’s beauty and was taking videos and photos in my phone. We checked out the river and its miniature naturally made falls until night time fell. Following the path towards the river downwards was a breeze but coming up again nearly needed a nebulizer. When darkness fell on the woods, the fireflies were all in their crowning glory. I am happy that these insects were still alive since my last encounter with them was when I still had colds dripping out of my nose and try ballooning them. We bid our farewell to the caretakers and the trees and the spirits of the woods and drove in the night until we reached our eating destination, Golden eggs. As to why their name, I need not bothered to ask. Maybe they have King Midas locked in the dungeon. We ordered hito and ate our heart out. We then went home afterwards. And now I am writing this. And then I will be staring at the ceiling thinking of what transpired. Memories to last for a life time, people to cherish forever. There are certain things in life that cannot be bought and I am happy that I have some of them. Drama. Lights. Camera. End.

little house on the prairie

the brady bunch


happiness toooo

summer wonderland

suicidal swing


pagpu pulong pulong


posing lang


i want this

the horticulturists ^_^

the expelled horticulturist

friends forever

wala lang, gusto lang mag swing

my future house, i wish

we are friends, bow.

sa batis, maglalaba

falls, obviously

night driving

some hito, here

family dinner with julie, applelyn, lester, ann ann, jay-i, joven

and hito there

Miyerkules, Hunyo 6, 2012

Black Wednesday

All life must come to an end. Whether strayed in the light or in the deep cold dungeon, all things wither and fade. Endings may be wrapped in happiness and tranquility while others are dipped in a black pool of bitterness and sorrow. We live. We create memories. We propel energy that can destroy a single soul or uplift a weary spirit. Our life is made with a purpose and we may live passionately cultivating our principles or be buried five feet below the ground lost and empty.

As they say: “Home is where the heart is.” It is where the four immeasurables are being honed, harnessed, cultivated and is supposed to be rooted in our core. Love, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity may bring us to the path of happiness, contentment, peace and even success. However, the mind is stronger than the heart and the latter does not take reason as its answer.

A family that prays together stays together. And a family with openness, forgiving arms and respect creates a solid sphere creating strength. No matter how cruel the world is, our family is the source of divine force. Without it, we can be breakable.

 I lost someone who was not dear to me but still considered as family. Growing up and all the days that transpired, I can say that I have the right to keep grudges, but I never did and have no intentions of keeping. Life has been gracious to me that giving back is a passion rather than a necessity. Old age may be a bearer of wisdom but also a potential harbinger of illnesses. The big “C” or cancer does not only affect the society metaphorically but, in the literal sense, anyone creating burden to the families involved. Despite all saintly measures, caregiver fatigue may set in and the thought of giving up, may be, is the best antidote. When life can be prolonged, they were charmed and swallowed by fear and agendas only their minds can fathom. And I, who have the capacity to help see another sunrise is left in the corner, helpless, watching them, stoic. Waiting for the last breath, the last beat, the last twitch until reaching its wretched conclusion.

The Bible says: “In the end there are three things that last: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love.” But they lost all of it.