Huwebes, Setyembre 22, 2011

Food in the City

Despite our efforts to have a healthy outlook in life, the array of food offered around the metro is a subtle excuse to cheat. We have tried to stick to our diet schemes and did our best to stay with our plan to consume sky rocketing calories only once a month but the vibrant colors and rich aroma never fails to a have sinfully delicious experience. Below are some of our favorites...

Gambas @ Moon Cafe

Chicken @ Goldie

Ribs @ De Bonte Koe

Penne Veggies @ Boyds

Blueberry Pancake @ Yoh Froz
Sushi @ Teriyaki Boy

5 Choco Cake @ Lachis

Dessert Sampler @ Max

The Unforgettable Ribs @ Lachis

Halo-Halo @ Ice Giants

Wagyu Beef @ Tsuru

Rosemary Porkchop @ Cocos

Strawberry Cake @ BigBys

Yellow Cab

Melon Pops @ Arirang

 Yoh Froz Fruit Mania

 Classic Savory Chicken (light was not cooperating)

 Mochi  Ice cream.

Moon Cafe Chicken Melt

Aling Fopings Sweeteners

The hunt is still going on. Fork, Spoon, Knife . . . Ready . . . Attack!