Miyerkules, Nobyembre 28, 2012

Diner for Two please!

Eating is one of my favorite past times which to the envy of my friends and detractors because despite of my voracious appetite I do not bloat easily. Well, only my belly does thinking I'm having a benign case of parasitic infection. One glorious afternoon, I passed by Torres street and noticed a new store on my way to the conference. There wasn't too much publicity regarding this food stall or rather I didn't hear any publicity at all. So this afternoon from a 24 hour duty and after some hours sleep, I have decided to invade such newbie.

California Diner gives you the dust, literally since its beside the road. It gives you a 1960's vibe like those in movies. With old school house rock music blaring on their radio, think about Grease. It reminds me though of those mystery movies of roadside inns where truckers and commoners stop over to satiate their growling gastric juices. It's a small area and gives you a relaxing feel (as long as you turn your back to the road so that people wont notice you.)

Since it is our first time, we opted for the California Cheeseburger Combo Meal (refer to the picture above) which if added individually can save you around 20-30 pesos. There are other varieties to choose from and by the looks of it (judging by the orders of other customers) looks delicious.

their burger

myk refuses to be seen...he is on the road to physical transformation. his fans has been demanding to return to his original size. this is cheating thats why he doesnt want a shadow of him appearing in the picture.

this is what your P185 looks like

Strawberry Citrus with bits of Pomelo

I may not be a food connoisseur like my colleague Mario whose palate is electrified and can identify and taste even the slightest change in flavors. The burger with grilled patty and fresh vegetables comes out like just  your regular burger. The patty does not scream super delicious and the bread tastes like your normal bread in the panaderia. But I do admire them for the freshness of their vegetables, the cabbage was crispy and the tomatoes were juicy. Although I would like to suggest for a variation in their french fries which as you can see in the picture falls flat. Like all the calories are just laying there. Added flavors perhaps would do the trick. The juice needs improvement since I cannot appreciate much of the rawness of the strawberry unless a commercialized one has been used.

the face of gutom ness, some sexy ladies on the back

clap clap clap for friendly staff

stop calling stop calling

a place with a view

hotness thermometer...you decide

bayad po


hmmmmm familiar backs
My California Diner experience was worthwhile. My P185 filled my tummy to the brim enough to give me hyperacidity. Although the flavors did not explode in my mouth, I have yet to try their other food in the menu. Until the next food trip. copyright applies.

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  1. Nice mukhang masarap at affordable ang price :)

  2. The view is much better if you dine at night, don't know if you've tried that though :) But also loved the flame grilled aroma of the burger patty - so good!

    You can read about my experience here, if you'd like: http://davaofoodguide.blogspot.com/2013/01/california-diner-bringing-you-west.html

    Let me know when you drop by in on my blog :)