Martes, Oktubre 2, 2012

Natures bounty - Before they were Stars

Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River are some of the major sites in our region today that have attracted thousands of locals and foreigners. Before they have reached their Stardom, I had the opportunity to bask in their wonder three years ago during those days when I still control my time.

I shall recall my encounter like it was yesterday. Enchanted River is located in Hinatuan Surigao del Sur. A rocky ride from the main road that would take you around 20 minutes. But despite the near formation of butt sores, the river is worthy of the long travel. Pristine and blue, they are inhabited by fishes that glistens under the sunlight and tempting to take for a sumptuous dinner. According to our guide, the river is around 60 ft deep with the cave on end and the beach on the other. Today, the river has been transformed with comfortable paths on the side to enjoy the view. There are still bancas to give you a ride around the sea and life vest for those who don't have gills. And they already have an entrance fee too. These pictures were taken three years ago. copyright applies



ang diwata


up to the end


the cave

Meanwhile the Tinuy-an falls in Bislig is around one hour ride away from the Enchanted River. The Falls has its own majestic glory and I definitely stared at it for minutes before I changed into my swimming gear. The falls is to see is to believe marvel. It takes around thirty minutes from the main road to reach the area since I feel like the falls is in the middle of a forest. The entrance fee before was ten pesos and the cottage is 100 pesos that can fit around 15 people inclusive of the cooking area. I dont know now. I suggest to visit the river first then head to Bislig for overnight, wake up early in the morning and buy food early at the market. It is best to be early at the Falls because around 9 to 10 am, people are coming in already and it gets crowded. Thats on a weekend. Hope youll get to visit the place.


third floor


third floor view

view from the top

no plans of diving


enjoying the view

sakay na

mind over matter

the falls

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  1. ilove this ... nakikita ko to sa mga blog pero bet ko yung view yung abs mo lols

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  3. elow po! saw ur site at blogs ng pinoy.

    wow, super ganda nyang enchanted river. na-feature na sya dati sa isang episode ng born to be wild!

  4. i hope na preserve nila ang place despite sa dami ng touristas