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Gusto mo ba ma High sa Highlands Coffee?

For caffeine addicts, long time zombies, writers and bloggers whose minds kicks when the Manananggal hits the city, Highlands Coffee is for you. Located at the downtown district, Abreeza Mall beside Gonuts Donuts is a new breed of coffee house besting its way with nearby competitors Starbucks and Green Coffee. A small cozy place (because it just opened) it is conducive for get together, social climbing and studying to the point where your ink runs out.


si koya o!

Their menu ranges from their strongest Vietnamese coffee to ice freeze (shakes). And they have a promo running, consume 4 drinks and get the 5th one free. Thats all I can say because I am not fond of caffeine, I thank you. Bow.

Literally, side view


there are two desktops on the left, for free use. wifi has limited minute use as per amount purchased.  (my hypothesis)

order maam please

coffee coffe

5th drink on them

I ordered a hazel nut freeze with whip, the other- a mint chocolate freeze no whip (career ang gym)

tadaaaah! onward to diabetes

all for the night

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