Lunes, Enero 14, 2013

Novice (White Coat Ceremony SPMC)

As per tradition of the institution, the White Coat ceremony is an annual event to welcome first year resident physicians and to provide recognition. In return staff and administration will be aware of their presence and be of service to each other and hopefully less stares and grouchiness. Last January 14, 2012; 32 residents were welcomed held during the Monday flag ceremony. Attended by training officers, chairpersons, consultants and employees, the activity succeeded giving us the hope that more doctors are undergoing training to provide better care for patients. The graduates were all dolled up and donned perfectly white coats. They were indeed truly welcomed. In the end, they concluded the ceremony with their group song, Fireworks. Welcome to the world. God bless

Departmental Banners

4 years of usage

Dr. Concha hosts the event

Dr. Vega - welcome remarks

Lira is that you?

Chairs and TO's

Happy Camper

Doc Geoff and doc Martha

Department of Dermatology

Department of ENT-HNS

Department of Family Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Department of Opthalmology

Department of Pediatrics

Department of Radiologic Sciences

Department of Surgery

Dr. Armand leading the pack

My apologies to Department of Psychiatry - emergency call hence no pic. Dr. Filipinas and Dr. Cordero first and third resident from the right. 

Dr. Audan - closing remarks

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