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Batoytoy in the light house - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse (Part 3)

a little history
Our next stop was the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse situated 45 km away from the city Laoag. Herald as one of the tallest and oldest lighthouses in the Philippines, it faces the south china sea giving out signals to passerby ships.

I was excited to see a real life lighthouse since it was my intention to go up to the peak and see the breathtaking view. I once read a story by Christina Pantoja Hidalgo. I wanted to experience that feeling. However, the stairs up was close with the sign: Danger High Voltage. I rested my case and instead enjoyed the view rather than being fried. It was a surreal experience since the walls are made of bricks and its already chipping off. I never bothered to talk to the care taker but there was an eerie feeling around. Still it was an amazing sight to behold. Enjoy (copyright applied)

South China Sea

Miniature model with the scene stealer


history and more

from afar

watta you looking at


witty write up

i am supposed to go there waaaaaaaaaaahhhh

emotero 2

oa na

hmmm i wonder what design is this from

for the purpose of picture

its a bird, its a plane, its darna!


it is really old

worm view

ganyan lang?


na e ebs?

i would dare to live for one day here

side view

pecture pektyur


as usual



woamn in the lighthouse

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