Huwebes, Setyembre 27, 2012

Vigan Series - The Blue Lady (Part 8)

Our last stop in Ilocos was the Bantay Church. Some of our itineraries (which were museums) closed at that day so we proceeded to the other sites. Bantay Church was rather majestic and towering. Its facade embodies olden times reminiscent of Spanish era. With the bell tower separate, the Bantay Church is home of Apo Caridad (Our Lady of Charity), the protector of crops. Midway from the door are logbooks for prayers with a simple message on the cover....Dear Pilgrim. This reminded me of Paolo Coelho with his book the Pilgrimage. There was an art gallery section inside the church, however I was not able to visit because we were stuck at the bell tower due to the rain. We met two children who we had rough business together (by getting us an umbrella for us to reach our car). The first child was condescending and wanted money right away but after negotiation they agreed to have the pay after the service. Business as usual. It was a surreal experience being inside the church, and I was happy to see Apo Caridad. (copyright applies)


Church Facade


stained glass

stained glass

the mama mary can be rotated.  it converts into a small altar on the back where you can touch her

apo caridad

our business partners

rain, feel it on my fingertips

bell tower
smile kahit basa na

the altar

the bell  tower

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  1. pede makipagpartner sa business partners nio? hahah

    Mga Tugon
    1. hahaha. ang tatapang ng mga bata. parang mga pirata kung makipagkalakalan.