Huwebes, Setyembre 20, 2012

Vigan Series - One Martyr to go please (Part 2)

After we said our prayers and wishes we soon then explored the house of one of Martyrs, Padre Burgos. From the vigan cathedral to his house is just a few meters away and can be accessed through calesa, tricycle, private vehicle or your both feet. His house reminds me of one house in Silay, Bacolod City which was spacious, full of rooms and rich in antiquity. Enjoy. (copyright applies)

the Padre burgos museum opens :8-11; 1-4pm


freedom of speech; early years printing press... some of the portion of the house are laden with old school stuff

people who contributed greatly to ilocos. at hinid ko kilala ang mga iba

Padre Burgos

Garrote for the kill!

one of the 4 mini simulation - this is the battle of tirad pass

between strong women. escoda on the left lower portion

mini sala at the end of stairs

let me play you a song... the sala

sino kakilala nyo gumagawa pa ng ganito? i want one!

euphoric? room on the right side

room of padre burgos...nagpahangin lang yan

walkway towards the kitchen.....lady gaga are you there?

dining area. small but rich


sala outside the secondfloor which has stairs going down to the library

kitchen on top...library below

the library... the door on the right connects to the main entrance

the oldest book

asan pwede i bring home?

the grand stairs

overall, the museum visit was overwhelming. i want to live here even for two days and share conversations with the Father. Being a martyr is not an easy task and to decide being a martyr is a noble one.

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