Biyernes, Setyembre 21, 2012

Vigan Series - Driving into the Memory Lane (Part 3)

The Vigan Cultural Heritage is a street crowded with two storey houses with huge windows enough to welcome the manananggal during their time. I saw an old picture of the street taken in 1800s where people are wearing barot saya and the street was made of clay. Travel hundred years after and the remains are there but some were repainted and others are converted into a pasalubong area. With streets made of cement blocks, this has been the pasalubong hub but nevertheless the remains gives you an old school feel. (copyright applies)

The Lost Boy

old school mixed with new memories

bagong kalye

old and new

at ginawang pasalubong area

trying to be a photographer

flora and fauna

its a long kilometer stretch of old houses

on your right corner you see old houses

i wonder what it feels like to transport back in time

the calle and his story

your city in a tarpaulin
kapoy na sige emote

their famous chichacorn



in the end, we aside from learning about its history, we got a free tan.

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