Lunes, Setyembre 17, 2012

Theres Paradise at the end of that Long and Winding Road (Part 8)

We tend to appreciate great things in life but there are simple wonders that gives us joy. Take for example the Patapat Viaduct of Ilocos Norte. Considered as the fourth longest bridge in the country, it was built during the Marcos Regime and was unveiled in October 1986. This was the answer to landslides and road congestion. The road is elevated 30 meters above sea level and connects Maharlika Highway in Laoag to the Cagayan Valley (and I am almost in the northern part of the philippines). Kuya Noel said that during good weather we can see part of the Batanes Island and when he was young, his Dad usually brought him there riding a boat. Batanes, so near yet so far! (copyright applies)

welcome to the Viaduct

the falls was build during the japanese times - as claimed

some rain

ana lang

amazing structures

si kuya noel na sa mga stolen moments


to the right


to the left



When Kuya Noel told us we are headed to the "Paraiso ni Anton", I got lost. At the back of my mind, I was thinking lush gardens and geometric buildings. But it turns out the Paradise was surreal. I don't know if the statue there was miraculous but then we said our fervent prayers. Jesus was happy to see us.


zoom out

i was happy to see this

they were happy to see us

happy camper

surrounded by forest


alahas mo diha

polseras and more

some weird concoction

Paraiso ni Anton

the waters were clear and cold

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