Lunes, Setyembre 17, 2012

Pagod ka ba? Ako, Pagudpud! (Part 6)

After countless hours of ride and discovering wonders along the way, we arrive at the famous Pagudpud. A quiet little town two to three hours away from Laoag. Strings of beach resort line the coastal area of the town and we had our lunch at a new resort. Never went to the popular Saud beach but certain portion of the beach is enough to marvel at its wonders. There I tasted my first bagnet which was delicious. So far all the Ilocos food I tried was delicious. Enjoy the pics. (copyright applies)

the welcoming arc

beach side

some action


complimentary food

their specialty drink, a mixture of three flavors which tastes like a childs medicine. nevertheless, it neutralizes our main dish

my first encounter with Bagnet

fish and other stories

rain is coming

special guests?

beach again

where is evangeline?

Situated in Brgy. Balaoi, Malingay, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines are another set of beach resorts which were even better. Kuya Noel told us that it is where Coco Martin and Julia shot their teleserye sequences. The entrance to the barangay cost P50 which they use for maintenance of the road as well as the place. The Blue Lagoon and the Bantay Abot cave where some attractions. Although the waters were inviting, we opted to walk around the shore and enjoy natures bounty.

a view from afar, Hannahs resort. So far their best resort in town




time and tides

the blue lagoon

abot cave

life forms

we met a limping kid here, I forgot his name. He was our tour guide.

welcome to blue lagoon

sustaining the heat and enjoying the view



rock formations?

from afar

si koya na

into the light

koya 2

2 komento:

  1. A colleague of mine went to Pagudpud. He said that after seeing the place, Boracay seems over-rated. Is this true?

    The pictures seem to say so. Pero iba pa rin di ba yung experience na napuntahan mo yung lugar. Only then dun mo masasabi na kung talagang may mas gaganda pa sa Boracay.

    And besides, Boracay is already infested by celebrities and pseudo-celebrities. Finally may haven na ang mga bagets tulad natin. Di ba? Yeah meen!

  2. ive been to boracay when it was still uninhabited and much difference when i went back after 9 years. it looks like a mall on the beach. pagudpud is like boracay during the good old days.