Sabado, Setyembre 15, 2012

The Sand Dunes of La Paz (Part2)

Our first day in Laoag was greeted with sunny weather and warm smiles by the locales. We arrived at 9pm in the evening and decided to roam around the capitolyo. We decided to grab a bite at Jollibee and tried our researched Ilocano dialect which due to extreme shyness ended up asking the waiter how to say thank you in their dialect and he said it with a smile. Thats the one thing I noticed about Ilocos, people were friendly even our first meeting with Kuya Noel, he greeted us with smile making him a candidate for a toothpaste commercial. We begin our tour with the Sand Dunes of La Paz.

A brief history from fellow blogger Pinoy Adventurista: "The La Paz Sand Dunes is an 85 sq. km. of protected sandy coastal desert located in the capital city of Laoag. It is part of the Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes which stretches from the town of Currimao all the way to the town of Pasuquin, north of Laoag City. As a distinct land formation, it was declared as a National Geological Monument by the National Committee on Geological Sciences in 1993."

Think of Dubai sand but in gray form overlooking the sea. According to our guide, it is where Nora Aunor filmed Himala as well as the new installment of Temptation Island was shot there. Activities include Sand boarding and 4x4 ride which we shyed away. At 8:30 am, we don't want to bathe in sweat. Enjoy the pics (copyright applies)

evidence based picture - its a sand

remnants of activities

overlooking the sea


its so quiet

pwede ka na ikot ikot sa sand

crouching tiger

futile pose

buddha style

gangs of la paz

sunny day and no sun block

going there

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  1. crouching tiger hahaha! natry nio mgslide sa sun?

  2. wala po. kasi 8:30 am kami pumunta duon. wala pang intensyon maligo sa pawis. :D