Linggo, Marso 3, 2013

MESA - a not so Moderne yet

The newly opened MESA at the ground floor of SM Lanang Premier, in front of the fountain area, boasts of delectable cuisine with a price that's easy on the pocket. For weeks it has been swarmed by locals just to get the taste of the Filipino dishes with a modern edhe. My family and I decided to check out the restaurant as friends of mine recommended it as a must try.

their menu speaks of sumptuous dishes


the exterior

Theres no denying the the area lacks space as any extension of your limbs could hit your next table neighbor or worst will catapult any meal to other areas. However the interior would compensate to their nearly tuna sized atmosphere and the cocoon section was an amazing feat.

POP ART. Disturbing yet fun to watch

We literally jolted to the sudden shouts of birthday wishers

bring this to my house pls

the cocoon. i wonder how it feels there.

outside in?

The food at MESA tastes delicious. Its a cross breed between Hukad and Krua Thai. The spices and the flavors, for me, were just right on some entree. The big problem with the MESA in totality was their serving which came in staggered. Just like in New Orleans Cafe, we have to wait for a few minutes for our next order to come out. And we did not order a Five course meal. This puts your hunger pangs on hold and melts your appetite. This has been a common problem even at Cafe Laguna. Could it be easier to assign a waitstaff per table and check the orders from time to time to avoid angry customers. And rush hour is not a reason since strategies should be previously discussed as plenty of diners visits during rush hour sanz the term. And it could have been better if customers will be informed as to the nature of their orders rather than serve it late and cold.

the standing chicken?

the iced tea that I never got the chance to taste

the yummy scallops - hope they'll go easy with the garlic

Century Egg, Shrimp in Tofu

Laing in 2 ways. The upper concoction had a sweet aftertaste, while the one below was your typical Laing.

Stuffed Big Shrimp

Barbecue. Spicy Sauce. It was soft to eat and easy to slice
the controversial liempo that was re cooked because as claimed it didnt fit their standards. Was serving it semi cold included in your standards?

Because we were not happy campers, the manager gave us a delicious cassava to compensate their poor servicing, Tasted good.

I would still recommend MESA for good Filipino dishes and hope that their service would improve. The Dining Supervisor was well mannered while we spoke of our suggestions. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to visit the john.

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  1. ang lakas maka tulo laway. curious ako kung ano naging lasa nyang controversial liempo na yan. hula ko hindi naubos yung taba portion nung karne kasi nakakasuya.

    Mga Tugon
    1. di gaano kasarapan. at inihain na medyo maginaw na.