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Darcy and other stories

Darcy, not in Bridget Jones, is one of the new places in town. DARCY Coffee.Tea.Panda is located at Door 4 Lucita Building at Corner Lapu-lapu and Sobrecary St. just a block after Ginos Burger. This was recommended by my niece because of the ambiance and food.

For starters, we did not have a friendly beginning. Three weeks ago we decided to have our dinner in the area, telling my parents and my niece to go ahead since I was still strolling around the mall. After 45 minutes, my friends and I arrived in the area with my parents furios and my sister already complaining. Almost an hour had passed and still our food has not been served and to think they were only us and another set of customer at the other table. Because our hunger pangs were killing us, we decided to ask permission to our mall purchased mangga and bagoong.

The place is indeed was full of pandas. It ever got me thinking if the owner was a member of World Health Organization and has a strong advocacy for Panda protection.

Whats your order?

Happy Area

You can wear the Panda head rest

A room with a view


The place was cozy and the ambiance was relaxing. Its set design was eco-friendly, with images of happy customers around. And the food?

Pearl Teas in lovely glass containers - Taste well

A serving of Pasta - Good

The consistency was flat

Ribs were good

Beef needed improvement in the seasoning

Spaghetti was good as well.

Overall, the Darcy experience was synonymous to any regular cafe's around town. I would recommend it for the ambiance and the food was a bit pricey.  The service staff needs to be refreshed about how to serve (being new is not an exception) and the serving time badly needs improvement. Quarter of an hour to wait for your food is not sure way to gain customers. Its a good place though to bring friends or read a good book.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 2/5
Price: 3/5
Serving Time: 1/5

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