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French in the City (Au Francais)

Social media has greatly influenced humanity in our global community. We have the netizens who painstakingly observe the events transpiring over the world wide web. Take for example being tagged by your facebook friends of their whereabouts, recent activities and my favorite, food. 

I made a commitment to seriously count my calorie intake and get with my fitness. However there are times that my commitment is broken take for example last night when my good friend, Jayson Joyce tagged me of an exotic sounding entree only upon perusal that it was from a newly opened French restaurant. 

And so together with my best bud, Michael, our curiosity led us to this quiet and cozy place called Au Francais (pronounced as Oh-Fron-say, which I had trouble saying) located at F. Torres street, cor. Pardo Tavera st, just after Phoenix Gas Station. Dress inappropriately in shorts, we were greeted by the welcoming owners, Bonjour! which took me some time to process and replied: “hello”. Due to the ongoing typhoon, there were only two customers around. We were directed to our dining area and seated comfortably. The place was filled with French posters and to add up to the ambiance, foreign songs are aired which brought back old movie memories, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant and so much more. Because of our supposedly commitment to fitness, we only ordered a few entrĂ©e and a salad. And since the Europeans enjoy alcohol, we tried a serving of their Mojito – minty and with a hint of alcohol.

Classic Mojito

Our food started with food compliments – Liver Spread which gave me a morbid recollection of my medical school days and from watching Hannibal. 

Get some liver into it

Then came our salad, Tomato and Avocado which surprisingly the vegetable bits came in crunchy and the cucumber tasted well.

The Tomato and Avocado Salad

Our main course came. Michael ordered Cream Dory (disclaimer: its not Dory from Nemo) which up to now is lost for words for his meal.

The sumptuous Cream Dory

I happen to order my all time favorite Cordon Bleu which was rich in cheese that I didn’t mind the gazillion calories it had. And I am not a fan of mash potato but I had a clean plate at the end. If only I can lap it up like a dog.

Oh so yummy!

Because of some chain of events we skipped out the dessert but Ma’am Kira (the owner) was gracious enough to give a us a Chocolate Flan which for me was a ratatouille moment. It brought back memories of childhood, of the time I sat at the table breaking egg shells separating the yolk and watch my mom batter it afterwards. 

Sinfully Delicious

I will surely revisit and try another set of meals. Good food right on the budget. Store opens from 12 Noon to 11PM, Mondays to Saturdays.

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Serving Time: 4/5

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