Linggo, Oktubre 13, 2013

The Conjurors

The Sampaguita Gardens located in New Washington Kalibo Aklan is home of Precious Moments creator Samuel John Butcher. Never in my life, I have seen hundreds of dolls in various colors and sizes. Luckily, they arent porcelain hence they are pleasing to look at. We arrive at the museum/park/manythingscanbedoneinthearea at night after negotiating with three tricycles with round trip prices ranging from P300 to P600. We are locals not tourists but nature has its own mysterious ways and we were able to get a roundtrip fare of P250. It was worth the ride and worth the visit despite the fact that we werent aware that the owners house can be visited up to 7 pm. And the P50 consumable entrance fee was an added bonus. The Christmas Museum was closed hence we still managed to have fun. (pictures copyright-ask permission pag may time i repost)

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