Huwebes, Mayo 15, 2014

Ultraman without him! (what happened Godzilla?)

My buddy Myk and I are fond of movies that we are starting to make it a hobby and that includes saving a portion of our budget for this expensive venture. (150/ticket + food) 

The night prior was rather quiet as we watched the last full show of Oculus, a scary movie about an ancient glass mirror who has the habit of infesting whoever owns it eventually making them mentally sick and killing them. I was complaining about the lack of audience moreover mall goers the past few days. I forgot its summer. So they must have gone home to the boondocks and helped their families, toiling the land, feeding fishes and planting rice. Where were we? Yes, summer.

So it came a surprise yesterday when swarm of people were waiting in line to see the premier night of Godzilla (pronounced as Gadzila - three syllables in the fastest way you can). Its nice to see some people finally, familiar faces and even gym goers whose mere presence speaks of awkwardness. You don't know whether you'll smile or pretend that he does not go to the same gym same as yours.

Godzilla is a  film originating from Japan. It has done remakes over the years that expectation was raised for this new installment considering the advent of technology however it came short of the standard.
The movie started with creative opening credits followed by a Philippine setting whose location was undisclosed for there were never a mention on the newspaper regarding their shooting here in our beloved country next scene Japan then drama more dram and drama. I was sleepy in between that I decided to visit the john. Then still drama then tension rising then oh, a monster then Godzilla appears then oh, another monster. Fighting Scene, Victory, Silence then closing credits still with drama in between. Dragging story line, Average Acting, Expected visual effects but still pleasing to the eyes. Literally it brought me back to my childhood days when Ultraman was popular. How I wish he appeared to make it interesting. I even overheard one movie goer saying : "The 90's remake was better." If Godzilla will be part of the Marvel franchise it would be funny and action packed.

2 out of 5 stars. Forgettable.

seurinane2014 5/16/14

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