Sabado, Agosto 25, 2012

Oldie but Goldie and Some happiness on the side and Recalling to do.

As the saying goes: "some good things never lasts." However, there are a few who are exception to the rule. Take for example one of my favorite chicken houses in the city, Goldie, who have withstand the tests of time. Located in Amgar Plaza, Ilustre St. Corner San Pedro St., this diner smells antiquity with its old electric fans and fading color paints but their taste is still fresh and genuine. Customers come and go but employees remained loyal to their job. I have fond memories in this place serving my hunger pangs since college up to the present time with its affordable prices.

sulit sa lahat

simple pleasures

sarap to the bones

goldie now and the next

a view on the side

dining area

lumpiang shanghai

chicken comes with rice, fries and salad


this is fit for 4 people but we were very hungry

pop art

order area

a view from the side

In other news, tea stores are popping like mushrooms all around the city. Thanks to my friends I am able to check out some of them and compare their taste as well as their prices. Happy Lemon just opened at the Peak, Gaisano Mall with affordable prices and variety of drinks to choose from. I just wished they had more space.

He belongs!


If Only

My Rock & Salt Cheesecake drink and Myks coffee ....

view on top
some tea for home

Opening this week was Total Recall. I vividly recall its enticing advertisement with cool gadgetry and action packed scenes. For starters, its was just an okay movie for me. You see bits and pieces of its plot and scenes from fifth element, star wars and any sci fi you can think of (exaggerating). The story is like ...... think of Braveheart but made in a futuristic way. Kate Beckinsale still gives the boot. She was like lifted from Underworld, only now shes human. Colin Farrell did justice to his role as well as Jessica Biel. Not much with the popcorn.

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