Lunes, Agosto 20, 2012


Count me in, I am one of the millions of addicts of Instagram. Before, I use to view my friends and celebrities picture through my twitter receiving updates of photos through instagram. When I got hold of my second hand itouch, paid in two installments schemes, I first downloaded Temple Run which got me hooked. When I got the instagram including the picstitch and freecollage program I became an addict. Luckily, I don't have a wifi at home or else Ill be taking pictures of every nook and cranny of our apartment and upload my finds. Whats nice about instagram is it provides the user options to further enhance their snapshots making it more pleasing to the eyes and refreshing to the soul (naks!) Here are some pics.

Thanks to some ironing

The Bringer of Good News

The Road Less and More Travelled


Sino siya?

Durian Overload

A friendly face

My sisters take on breakfast

Pangtawid Gutom

Add a dot and you have multiple eyes


My languid cat


3 komento:

  1. Instagram addict din ako before. Taga Davao ka? Btw You may want to visit my blog. I already followed u pala :P hehe

  2. Isipin mo no, more than a decade ago, napaka-cool yung mga polaroid cameras. Ngayon Instagram na ang pumalit sa mga polaroid, plus, kalat na siya sa lahat, hindi tulad noon, polaroid cameras were too expensive, conyo lang ang may ganon. Sigh, I am getting old.

    Mga Tugon
    1. hahaha. i still like the old school. pero nakakaaddict ang instagram. :D