Martes, Mayo 29, 2012

And Jennifer Holiday almost swallowed her.

            The popular search for the next singing superstar has finally ended. After months of being glued to the boob tube and listening to contestant’s rendition of timeless music, again, a guy emerged as the winner. Congratulations Philip Philips for winning the Season 11 American Idol. He has charisma and can play different musical instruments. His humble beginnings and coy attitude on stage must have won the hearts of millions that voted him as the champion. His musical styling is compared to Bruno Mars, Jack Johnson, and Rob Thomas who has a cool, calm, collected vibe. He is like an artist playing in a resto beside the beach or in a bar overlooking a panoramic view. He is just what you need when you are wallowing in self-pity or in the verge of a nervous breakdown. His cuteness is so overbearing you would shrink and turn into a smurf.

            On the other sad and bitter news that up to now I cannot digest, our very own half-Mexican, half-chicken este half-Pinoy bet, Jessica Sanchez did not bring home the bacon. Instead she went home with a sore throat, broken eardrum and swollen tonsils. She has been followed right from the very start from her harassed looking hair up to the Vidal Sassoon finale.  Truly, from the start she had showed her singing prowess, belting every note worrying that anytime her microphone would explode. Nevertheless she misses a note or two but her voice control prove that she is a rising star in the process earning favorites and even saving her from elimination. The grand finals night was rather showered with mixed reviews disappointed in her last song choice while her rival Philip was glorious in his song.
            On the day of verdict, I set aside my role and sat on the patients chair in the OPD while watching the glorious and elaborate productions. I was happy to witness some of the patients singing during the Bee Gees tribute. I was amazed by their performances (really? Really? REALLY! – yes na lang!) except on the lip synch numbers. Why bother perform if you’re just going to lip synch. And although some would regard it as fillers, the proposal of Ace to Diana was sweet which shows that there is still plenty of love in the world. Despite Jessica’s efforts to win the hearts of the Americans, still Philip won. He is a great artist but vocal wise hats off to Jessica. Her duet with the Jennifer Holiday proved that she will become a sensation. I applaud her bravery and seriousness (huh?) despite Jennifer’s various facial expressions. I was holding to my seat and wishing Jennifer would not turn into Hulk and swallow her. It was a hair raising performance which in all honesty, in my years of existence, I have never witnessed such soulful and powerful collaboration. Bow to you Jennifer. As to Jessica, I wish you all the best. Just like Nido, you’re still my number one. Below is their duet.

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  1. adik ako sa kakapanuod nito since season 2 pa

  2. ang natapos ko lang ang david vs david na season. pagkatapos nawala na ako sa ai.